Mutiplayer crash always (Epic game)

I got the game free, 2-3 weeks ago and in the last 4 days I decided to make my games public so ppl can join me, but crash all the time, playing alone never happens in multi always between 3-30 minutes but always (I tried at least 20 times, hosting or joining), the game freeze, no error prompt, it cannot be ended from TaskManager, I must close Windows 10 session, so all apps opened must too (very annoying).
I made a few friends in those breves moments that we played together and they have the same problem when they play multi, the game just freezes/crash

I have the same problem and I play on Steam. Whenever someone joins me from Epic, the game crashes after a while. I’ve also met other people with the same issue.
When I played with an old friend who was also on Steam the game didn’t crash. So the cause is probably crossplay via Shift…
I’ve already contacted Gearbox about it because this really ruins multiplayer games for many people.


I can confirm this problem on two different PCs (windows 7 x64 and windows 10), it’s reproducible all the time:

  • no problems when playing with old Steam friends.

  • crashes when hosting and (probably) Epic players connect

  • frequent disconnects (probably because the host crashes) after a few minutes when joining other players sessions.

Since my two systems are entirely different (hardware, os) it’s rather unlikely that the problem is related to them. It seems much more likely that the multiplayer implementation is done pretty sloppy.

The current state is extremely annoying, so a bugfix from Gearbox seems really necessary.

Yes, especially now that there are lots of people from Epic online now because it was free a while ago. I’ve added your message to my support ticket to show that I’m not the only one who has this problem

Of course you are welcome to add my message to your ticket. It’s really a shame that Gearbox broke a system that worked fine for years.