MVP Reward For Loosing Team?

Hey all!

I am not sure how matchmkaing system will work in the future but right now it seems people are skipping potentially weak teams if they see that a low level is in your team and everyone is going for an easy win. This is happening because there are no rewards for loosing team. Even the best player in the loosing team.

What I figured out is that it doesnt matter how good is your score in the ending game stats. If your team lost you basically gain nothing. I ended up with smth like 8-0, 12-2 kills trying my best so many times but if my team looses it feels like there is no reward for it all. So basically atm for progression you just need to go for easy wins and skip everything until you see a strong team on your side and weak team on the other side.

I would suggest giving MVP reward for loosing team player so everyone could try to play better and not just spamm retreat if they feel that the battle is not running well.

Hope this makes sense.


MVP is a great idea. I also think you should get more experience or credits if you keep your sentries alive. Especially when its 4 vs 5. That way it will keep players playing.

76 lv as of rite now 4/16/2-16 love the idea make people play harder with pay off some kind.

I like the MVP reward idea, it gives the players a safety incentive to go at the game again instead of feeling miserable that they lost.

Exactly! Yesterday i had another games when I was basically trying my best with another player to win agains opponents but 90% of the time we had 2 leavers in the team so we were playing 2v5 or 3v5. We didnt have a chance but take a look at stats. Did we recieve some sort of reward ? No. I ended this game with 28 kills 1 death (was lagging) 4 assists and there was no pay off. I find this very discouraging.

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