My 10 consecutive runs on Joey Ultraviolet

…for those questioning drops. I’ll post the 20-ish cards of the loot i picked up, then you can judge me as an inept n00b.

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joeyrun01 joeyrun02 joeyrun03 joeyrun04 joeyrun05 joeyrun06 joeyrun07 joeyrun08 joeyrun09 joeyrun10 joeyrun11 joeyrun12 joeyrun13 joeyrun14 joeyrun15 joeyrun16 joeyrun17 joeyrun18 joeyrun19 joeyrun20 joeyrun21 joeyrun22

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Good gear.

SO that’s where all my OPQ’s have been going. :rofl:

Still only got me a M1 version but I will pop a M10 one eventually.

Not a single M10 opq… It took me a while to find a 8700x2

Those look like Mayhem 10 O.P.Q.'s. They can roll with different weapon damage bonuses and have parts which lower their damage as tradeoffs for other benefits.

The 22-count magazine has a 10% damage bonus.
The 34-count magazine has a 10% damage penalty.

The ones above all have the same base damage once you factor the +% Weapon Damage bonus (3333). Your 8700x2 has a 161% Weapon Damage bonus.


you consider the 6k one m10? Just asking.

All of my opqs are above 8k varying mag sizes

Mine has a 28 mag and 8393x2

To me alot his loot is garbage.

Average loot.

Not really good anpintments on the OPQ’s

Looks like what I have been getting.