My 10 Favorite Raid Boss Kill

Just Sharing my favorite raid boss kills during my Level 72 and OP8 Raid Journey.

Honorable Mention
Level 72 Master Gee vs All Characters (Melee). Gee is one of my favorite raid boss to fight especially in a group. maybe because other raid bosses goes down fast in a matter of minutes and Gee fight is just about right in a group of people.

  1. Level 72 Pyro Pete vs Krieg

This kill is the one who started it all. When I bloodsploded Pete I feel like I can take on every raid boss (and sure i did).

  1. Level 72 Son of Crawmerax vs Salvador

I just went it without optimal build and gear and killed Son of Craw with ease. THis is 3rd place in the time trials previously until Striker beat the 1st place and bump me off the list. lol

  1. Level 72 Master Gee vs Melee Zero

I love how smooth this kill was considering my first Gee kill with melee zero is that I just spam the Grog over and over again until Gee is dead. Also this is currently 3rd in the Time Trials a minute slower than Striker and Bore (but those two are God like melee zero and we are just mere mortals).

  1. Level 72 Hyperius vs Gaige

Smooth beehawk kill with Gaige, as much as possible I like to raid without prestacking and I found Giantfly’s kill and I patterned it.

  1. Level 72 Voracidous vs Maya (Melee)

I have never seen anyone attempted to melee Voracidous with Maya. I am that Crazy to even try it.

  1. OP8 Ancient Dragons vs Gaige

This took me a while to get, and I am getting frustrated already with stacking anarchy. Good thing I got lucky with the Dragons behaviour and got the kill. I think this is sitting 3rd in the time trials.

  1. OP8 Voracidous vs Axton

This kill is really hard that it made me adjust the controllers settings so that I can move and reload at the same time. and wow it was a beauty.

  1. OP8 Terramorphous vs Krieg

I got lucky with Terramorphous phases not resetting and it went straight to the masher phase (usually you have to wait 5 minutes for it).

  1. OP8 Ancient Dragons vs Krieg

Lady Luck is smiling on me and give me a one hit bloodsplosion kill after a few days of trying. Awesome.

  1. Level 72 Ancient Dragons vs Axton

This one is my favorite because of how flawless it is. I did not even take health damage on this kill. Lovely.

There might be something I am missing, so I might revisit this list soon…


I pick up, No 7, 5, 4 and 1 as my favorite.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, i really like that Axton kill.


Actually I got sterned at that moment. It was my first time I saw such a speed kill.