My 12 yr old son needs an 80ish 94% The Sham shield badly! Please help!

He has an awesome Gaige anarchy build that is killer except the survivability is terrible. It’s the only thing missing and it’s become almost pointless to play. We’ve farmed many, many hours trying to get one to drop and we just can’t. Tubbys, Uranus, Bunk3r, all nothing. If anyone can help out a 12 ry old that is a Borderlands fanatic, I would be GREATLY appreciative!!

What’s your “12-year old son’s” xbox gamer ID? My “12-year old son” might have a level 80 version and a level op10 vesion.

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USE A BLOCKADE OR ANTAGONIST OR HIDE OF TERRAMORPHOUS , sham are only good for norfleet spamming and antagonist, HIDE OF TERRAMORPHOUS provide better survivability and good death trap synergy

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Thank you for the reply. It really is for my kid. His gamertag is Chasey401 and if you can help us out, that would be amazing!