My After Beta Assessment

So, I may or may not have spent every possible minute I could playing this wonderful beta. It wasn’t 100% rosy, there were hiccups, but overall I had a blast.

What I liked:
-The taunts. I love the taunts and I love that the game encourages taunting. I usually stick to squishier characters (Orendi, Miko, post-nerf Ambra) and there’s nothing more satisfying than when I saw an enemy rushing me, killed them and then was able to taunt. I laughed harder than I should have the first time an AI taunted me, I LOVE that little detail that they added.
-The story. I must have run through both story episodes at least 10 times to try any hear all the great dialogue. Nova getting pissed at Kleese and letting him handle the Algorithm mission, Ghalt slapping Kleese during Void’s Edge, another gem from Void’s Edge: Everyone’s response to Wolf asking about their plans after the mission, ect, ect. Gearbox brought the best of their humor into Battleborn and I am impressed and delighted.
-The visual effects. Yes, really. Once you get used to them, they and the audio effects combine to make it easy to know who’s attacking, even if they’re coming from behind or to the side. They’re very distinct, but I will admit that they can be overwhelming in the beginning.
-The nerf. The fact that Gearbox responded so quickly to players’ feedback was impressive. Characters are regulated back to the roles they were meant for, Ambra and Galilea are beatable again, even when they team up, Orendi can’t one-shot sentries, Kelvin isn’t invincible, ect. There’s still bugs, true, but the speed that these got addressed reassured me as a player that the BB team is listening.
-My fellow players. Leavers suck, but for the most part I grouped up with the players I got matched with. Most people were good sports, and once my team “clicked” into synergy, we ruled in PVP. Communication is key. Btw, a team of Ambra, Marquis, ISIC and any arrangement of Atticus, Caldarius, Oscar Mike, Galilea, Ghalt, or Rath is a monster in the right set of 5 players’ hands. Ambra and Marquis are great at luring overconfident players right into the rest of their allies, resulting in multiple kills if you synchronize correctly.
-The skins. I know they are just recolors in the Beta, but the level unlock ones help me se what kind of skill level I should see from new people I’ve grouped with and from my opponents. Some of them are a little… unimpressive, to put it mildly (Ghalt looks like Col. Mustard in one of his) but it was still something I liked to see.
-The heroes. I love the variety, and oddly enough, I loved that there are characters that aren’t right for my playstyle. Turns out, I’m a sucky Galilea, but I wreck with Orendi, Shayne and Aurox, and Ambra. I played with a buddy who is no good with support characters (at all, we had a good laugh at it) but can out-Thorn nearly anyone we came across. 25 characters is MASSIVE, and it’s awesome that they have a character for everyone.

What I didn’t like:
-Matchmaking, or the lack of “match” making. So I leveled pretty quickly, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. However, wins don’t feel very much like wins when I’m the level 20 a**hole matched against level 1-7’s. Yes. That happened. It didn’t feel like a win. It also sucked to get put on a team at 20+ and see level 1’s. I’d pretty regularly have to leave matchmaking and try again, especially since the other team didn’t have that problem about 50% of the time I played. My suggestion is to lock PVP until level 3, that way at least everyone has played one character, and probably has a gear loadout. Speaking of new players…
-No tutorial. I don’t know if it’s in the full game, but some of the finer points of PVP had to be learned on the fly for me. Trying to fight another team of real people and learn was not very fun. This has been hashed and re-hashed all over the forums, though, so I won’t go too far into it.
-Bugs. Yes, it’s a Beta, I know, but that didn’t make the bugs more enjoyable. Snipers shooting through terrain was a big one for me, but having teammates spawn outside the map or without weapons were two big ones, too. Sure, it can be funny when the weapons still work but are just invisible (reminds me of playing Cowboys and Indians lol) but when they can’t attack and have to die or quit and come back, it got annoying.
-No exp for bot matches. That’s really annoying. I kind of get it, but I’m going to be paying for this game, a competitive game at that. I should have something to show for playing, even if it’s just my character level and not command rank going up.

All in all, they have my digital preorder, I’ve downloaded it to my XB1 already, am getting the season pass and can’t wait for it to launch. Thank you, Gearbox, for such a great experience.

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When you get blown up by the sentry and it taunts you.


That made me laugh so hard the first time it happened :smile:

More then likely they disabled the ‘behind the scenes’ matchmaking system for the beta. They have most likely fully built and tested this system in house and limited closed testing on it.

For this this beta, having the matchmaking system in place would most likely hinder what they were trying to do with having players get a taste of the game, along with getting some final balancing feed back.

You could have done a ‘Solo PVP’ match where you are facing a team of Bots, with Bots filling the open spots on your team.

Also you could done the Story Mode to learn a new character.

I’m just saying there were other options open to you in the beta. But i do believe that they are planning on having a basic tutorial/prolong to the story.

For bugs you really should give more information like W’hat kind of System/Platform your testing the game on?’. The bugs your talking about were in the CTT for PC, but I did not see that happen with this Beta on the PC.

I see at the very bottom of your post you say something about your XB1 system and am guessing that is what your did your testing on. But when you know it is a multi-platform test it really helps to state that information so they can track down and fix that bug faster.

I have to agree with pretty much everything here so far, I do believe that since it was a beta that any sort of matchmaking mechanics were put on the back burner until the full release. It would be pretty pointless with a limited player base to have one in place and end up making everyone wait 10 times longer for the game to put a match together because there is no one in your level range.

loved all the dialogue from the characters, i had to have played through voids edge at least 50 times and good ol’ wolf just never got old, the algorithym stage was funny from the opening “oh great, we’re all going to die” and isics banter with kleese and Geoff the spider king is hilarious.

ran into a couple of bugs but i expected things to be much worse. Wolf bugged out in voids edge on one playthrough, all of the other players had left at the time and i got to the point with the jump pad but wolf suddenly decided to walk backwards back to the bridge and it triggered an endless wave of swarmlings, killed those suckers for a good half hour before i managed to un glitch things, cant complain too much though, my isic gained like, 5 levels from that one stage, had over 500 kills. only other time it really glitched on me was when i tried to que up for a story mode mission but it stuck me in a pvp match instead, i hadnt played any of the pvp at that point, so i got butchered, but i was impressed with how pvp was set up so i felt more encouraged to pvp after that and while matches did tend to be lopsided it was still pretty fun.

I’m not saying it was a bad experience, not at all, I had a lot of fun and I’m hoping that the data they got helps them make Battleborn’s launch as perfect as possible. The bugs I ran into have been reported, so no worries about that. As for using bots to learn PvP, I did end up doing that, but it still doesn’t explain some of the finer points of the game mechanics. Just an example: I only learned that you could teleport to base by reading the forums. I then passed that knowledge on to at least 5 people, and almost all of us had the same question; why isn’t it stated in the game? Since we haven’t heard anything about a tutorial on the full game, I’m going to add my voice.
For the matchmaking, I’ll still stick by my stance that it should be level-gated, or you have to play the tutorial first, since as early as level 5, it can be annoying to get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and a bad experience at level 1 can deter a new player from giving the game a fair shot.
They still have my preorder, I’ve still got the first two days of the launch completely clear, I just wanted to put in my two cents, focusing mainly on what I liked. I’m excited as hell and can’t wait to see the finished product.