My apologies to the devs and this is the greatest game that ever lived!

So… no matter what, this is gonna be awkward because I’m a drunken jerk that has only posted on the forums when I’m all like, “HULK SMASH!” mode. That said though, I’ve invested 445:54 time in this game which is WAY more than any other game I am currently playing (including Overwatch, which I have compared to Battleborn in the past) and I’m not gonna be that jerk this time. I don’t mean to bring that up as a status thing, like, “Oh hey, look at me! I play Battleborn, like, a lot and stuff” Just sayin’ I have not played a console game consistently for that much time for a very long time. Anyway…

Okay. SO. For the devs and those of you who haven’t blocked me already…

I sincerely apologize for my past belligerent posts. I was wrong in calling Battleborn a “joke” because I freaking love this game. I do. I made those posts pre-Winter Update. Also, I lurk on a few game forums and I would like to apologize for my toxic behavior. Overwatch has WAY more toxic forum posts than this community and I’m embarrassed that I was toxic. So, my apologies to the Battleborn community.

OKAY. I’m a shmuck. Check.

I paid for the game and have given $50 (for skins and taunts) since the Winter Update because I think this game has had some significant improvements, and I want to keep supporting the development of Battleborn.

I would also just like to provide some constructive feedback. I’ll try to be short, simple, and to the point. Okie dokie. Here I go.

The increased frames per second
This should have been released at launch. That said, better late than never. I think it’s an indirect buff to snipers in particular. I’ve been enjoying Marquis and Thorn much much much more since the update. Very cool indeed. Thank you for this!

New skins and taunts
I love the new skins and taunts. I love that Gearbox is releasing more and I love the thought that goes into it. PLEASE keep giving us more!

The new user interface (UI)
I love the new UI.

Chibi Battleborn mode
I already forgot what it was it was called (Big Head something or other?) but I called it Chibi Battleborn mode. I love that this game does fun stuff like that.

The HEART of this game
There is just so much humor and so much thought put into every character that it’s astounding. I love Overwatch, but I feel almost absolutely nothing for the majority of characters on that game. This game however, I think fondly of the dialog, the jokes, and overall character design of most of the characters.

The OPS missions
Kinda along the “HEART” thing, I love the OPS. They are short but sweet and always manage to get atleast a chuckle out of me (if not more). PLEASE keep developing OPS missions and stuff like that.

This is kinda overlapping and redundant with the whole HEART and OPS thing but…
PLEASE keep making content for this game. I frequent the Overwatch forums and other similar games and the BIGGEST complaint (aside from balance) is LACK OF CONTENT. This is Battleborn’s strength (among some other strengths).

Balance seems to be getting better…
This one is kind of weak but still, I think some of the characters are more balanced than they have ever been. Benedict and Shayne & Aurox, just to name a couple. That said, this area could use improvement but yeah, I like where certain characters are at RIGHT NOW.

El Dragoon and Mellka
Lots of posts about this. It would just be nice if they got some love. Some REAL love. Some love that we can all be happy for. They were obviously in a spot somewhere in the OP zone, but now they are lost. Lost and confused, and all sad. They’re dying. Please, for the love of them, send some love their way. Decide on what their roles are and strengthen those roles. Stop teasing us with these random buffs/nerfs. You got this. I BELIEVE.

What is going on with PvP modes these days…
No really, what’s going on? One week Incursion is available. The next week it’s not. Then there’s Chibi, then it’s gone. Then it’s Solo match that no one does. Next week it will be Batman mode for all we know. It’s like being forced to eat the random meal of the week. Like, yay… … eggplant and dead moose… just what I wanted… Then next week it’s all like, pizza! Yay. It’s JUST SO UNPREDICTABLE AND RANDOM. Please… I dunno. I just dunno.

Tanks are not tanks. (Inconsistent labels in general)
The one thing I still stand by in my drunken rantings is that TANKS are not TANKS. Errr… I mean “Defenders”. They don’t defend. They DISTRACT (at best). All hail the DISTRACTORS! Also, some “Assassins” are not REALLY assassins. Just saying. They are more like ANNOYANCES.
I say this with love. Please re-label character roles or remove them completely. It’s misleading.
The one REALLY positive thing I can say about Overwatch (other than that it celebrates diversity just as much as Battleborn…) is that their roles are more defined. The Tanks are indeed Tanks.

That’s about it. And to answer one more question…

Why compare Battleborn to Overwatch when they are very different games?
I am neither hardcore Battleborn player or Overwatch player. And, even though I acknowledge that they have more differences than similarities, I just feel like they have some significant similarities (in particular, belonging to the vague “Hero Shooter” genre). New players are gonna want to know how they compare regardless.

Also, it bothers me that Overwatch got game of the year when Battleborn is a better game overall. I think Battleborn is way more interesting in so many ways. I love the characters, the universe, the stories and the gameplay. I love the music and aesthetics. I really hope this game continues to thrive and create more content.

I love both companies though. I love that both companies consider diversity. To me, they are in direct competition of one another because I have to decide which one to play. I tend to pick Battleborn but somtimes I prefer twitchy gameplay instead of moba-esque gameplay. All of that said, I compare the two. I think both games could learn from another without compromising their unique differences.

I really hope that was short, simple, and to the point.


Favorite character?


on why Overwatch got game of the year? same reason it’s successful in general: Marketing and hype.

Blizzard did a MASSIVE marketing campaign to generate hype before OW launched, and it worked. The game itself is just a 20 dollar standard TF2 clone like gotham city imposters, but obviously a little more refined.

Having the blizzard fanbase built in helped it immensely as well.

That said I agree with most other points. I am in love with this game due to the sheer amount of content.


Honestly, Overwatch isn’t even that good. I still find Team Fortress 2 and Batlleborn much more enjoyable. Titanfall 2 should have got that award. Damn it. I’m going off topic. Again. The point of this post is saying that I like Battleborn and it was launched at a bad time (around the same time as Overwatch, like how EA decided they would release Titanfall 2 in between Balltefiel and CoD)


…Read this with my espresso, enjoyable. :sunny:

Overwatch would have been fine if it was lowkey like Heroes of the Storm, and only cost like 20 bucks. But its the incessant overhyping that ruins it for me.

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