My (Attemptedđź’€) M10 Fastball Build

Before I wrote the Fastball off as hot trash again, I wanted to see how strong I could make it…I had to Min-Max the hell outta this thing…the build is basically:

  • 5/5 Skag Den (465% fire dmg)
  • 5/5 Scorching RPMs & Stainless Steel Bear (since they both boost Skag Den)
  • 300/90 (affects grenades)
  • 6/3 Holy Pin (60% chance of crit)
  • 3/3 Stoke the Embers (boosts Skag Den)
  • Blast Master (100% Splash)
  • AOE (TCP, Relic, Mod = 100% Splash)
  • Grenade Dmg+ (Relic, Mod, OkayBoomer, OGT Anointment = ~105% Nade)
  • Hollow Point (Holy Pin Crit kills explode and kill others nearby)
  • EDIT: Old God Shield with matching Fastball element (20% elemental damage)
  • EDIT: Elemental Science Booster (10% elemental damage)
  • (I’m probably missing something to increase damage…if so let me know)

This was the result…

So what’s the verdict on Fastball?


Kinetic Fastball?

I think overkill chaining is doing a lot of the work, but that means it is definitely good for mobbing.

Are they supposed to be rare? Or is this just a general question about why they are using it opposed to an elemental variant?

Yup, i wanted something neutral to shields & health for testing…and kinetics are stronger.

I don’t think it’s Overkill, I think it’s based on if Holy Pin procs…those one shot’s in the video are either crits, or the target was weak already.

This is my routine for basically every weapon that’s not able to coast through MM10 on its own merits, so I’m always down to check someone else’s formula out. I hadn’t tried a Fastball for my grenade-themed Moze, but this does look fun.

I mean, I usually go for a MIRV/Mini-MIRV/Divider-driven Nuke because it’s got a prettier explosion when you get it under an enemy (think perfect BL2 Baby Maker tosses), but I won’t say no to a Fastball.

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Did you try a Mindsweeper? 100k+ is pretty good base damage for crit chains.

I dunno if yours trying to be a fastball purist here, but if you kept a needle gun from the cartels event, it’s debuff effect should make it so the fastball one shots most things.

That should work wonders with a Blast Master, as the Needle Gun’s gimmick should let Moze use it without reloading. If reloading is fine (like this is a Mind Sweeper build or something), the S3RV-80S-EXECUTE has a debuff, and can still be farmed.

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I haven’t…I was trying for pure damage first with Blast Master…

Gonna try Mindsweeper next, then use Atom Balm Deathless to see if that makes a difference.

What does the Needle Gun do again? How do you trigger the debuff?

What’s the difference between the EXECUTE and the Needle? I don’t use debuffing guns at all…

It debuffs whatever it hits. Just shoot. When you reach full stacks it has reload cancel/refill.

The serv 80s debuffs on reload. It’s a bit clunkier.

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Yeah, the Needle Gun apparently stacks debuffs (presumably more than the EXECUTE at most?), and can backfill ammo at max debuff. You nail shots, and eventually the debuff indicator shows up on the target.

The EXECUTE applies a debuff when an empty reload toss directly hits a target (they’ll light up a pale red when done right). The pistol is otherwise a decent Tediore thing. It’s… strangely tricky to actually hit an enemy such that they pick up the debuff with this pistol though (maybe I’m missing something).

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Interesting, gonna test that too, thanks

Nice video! Your aim with the fastball is definitely better than mine. I’ve had success using the Fixative Longbow (sticky x3) which kind of works similarly to the Fastball since it explodes immediately if you stick an enemy. Can get some massive crits with that thing

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Thanks :v:

How much damage does the Fixative Longbow do?

I have an Incendiary Fixative Vladof contact I wanna say is around 43K.

Edit: to be more exact

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Do they? Thought they only buffed Short Fuse.

Anyway, I think the only thing that could boost even more is th ASA grenade annoint for more 150% grenade damage.

Also, amazing run.

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Thank you :pray:

And yea, it’s an Iron Bear scaling thing…probably Dev oversight

When Iron Cub comes out, ASA might make the Fastball good again…I guess we’ll see

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Looks like the Fastball would still do more unfortunately…

I think the Fastball will be great when Iron Cub comes out for ASA anointments…150% is huge

Shame that Auto Bear doesn’t proc ASA annoints.

Looks pretty good !

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