My Attikus feedback

Attikus is an enormous target that can get caught on every nook and cranny, trying to escape an enemy often leads to getting stuck and killed. Due to his large size he is easy to hit so when under the effects of a slow he is at greater risk of death as shots fired are nearly guaranteed to hit him. Like most of the large scale characters, smaller enemy players can simply run circles around him to avoid his melee and having no ranged attacks also allows ranged enemies and turrets to shred through his defenses without ever letting him get close.

My suggestions -

Barefisted Brawling: Increase the attack speed animation a bit and possibly make it so every hit with his right fist absorbs enemy shielding.

Charged Hook: When fully charged have it fire a ranged attack akin to El Dragon’s Dragonfire so he can deal with turrets and the like.

Hedronic Arc: add an immunity to slows for its duration or cleanse debuffs when it is activated.

So… I mean he has a jump that can stun people from a distance and a ranged ultimate that knocks people up for a while, I don’t think a lot of these buffs are necessary. If you’re going to buff him buff the tools he has rather than try to give him a bunch of new tools.

He’s a disruptor first…whatever you’re trying to play him as second.

I believe this character needs a buff Hoyle4, and not the kind of buff that makes him a killer but a serious tuning in playstyle.

He does not need a buff, he’s uber powerful as is.

and i’m saying this as someone who plays him quite a bit.

If you buff him he’ll become pretty broken, especially if you buff his attack speed. He would be pretty much unstoppable. He is actually pretty balanced the way he is right now. Hes slow but he hits strong and the arc stays on the opponent for quite a while, so they die or retreat. He disrupts, he is not supposed to be a rath style quick hitter. Remember galilea and what happens when a charcter is sucessfully fulfilling two roles at once. You dont want to invoke that demon.

After multiple games with him, I think the easiest buff would be movement speed. If he just ran a little faster you could at least survive long enough to engage sometimes until you get higher level; as is you pretty much have to wait for a very weak moment in the enemy team then hit them with everything to snake a couple kills until you get your ult.

He totally changes midway through a match and becomes powerful due to his helix buffs, a better run speed would make it much more tolerable before that.

I think his tank role would be buffed if his hedronic arc recharged his shield while someone was being shocked. I think that would rise him up from B-tier, and make him a more viable disrupter, because as long as someone is being shocked, his shield would keep being charged. Thoughts?

Nah. I’d rather see him move faster. Thats what he needs most. Hes just sooooo slow even if he gets in range early on everyone can escape him. By midgame his heals are fine and a shield regen on top of health regen might break him.