My Axton Build: Turret Madness WIP

Hi guys,

So having got my Axton to OP1, I thought maybe it was time to add my build and see what you guys think of it.

This is a work-in-progress, so it’s gonna take a bit of time to sort stuff out.


So, this is the build that I’ve been working on since the release of Borderlands 2. It has been a very good build, getting me through my first UVHM playthrough with little to no problems.

The idea behind this build is to chuck your turrets out, and shoot anything that is slagged that the turrets are not attacking. With the bad target acquisition of the turrets, sometimes you’ll find yourself fighting, for instance, a Spiderant Procreator while the turrets are rocket-podding a spiderling, which I admit gets horrifically annoying. However, I have not needed to use any mission weapons or legendaries with this build, apart from Greed, which is useful as I love Jakobs weapons on Axton, and it works great when your turrets take out someone’s shields with splash damage from rockets.

I have a lvl29 Axton on another profile, so I’m gonna use this to recreate the way I built my OP1 Axton.

The Build

So, this is where it gets serious.

Lvl10: At this point, I have 5 points in Preparation. This is because I found at low levels such as this, I was having pretty bad trouble in surviving some encounters. Also, the passive health regen is always a good thing to have inbetween fights.

Lvl15: Here I have shoved 5 points into Healthy, as having increased max health is always good for survivability. Also, Pressure isn’t that useful IMO, as I don’t really get myself into any trouble while playing. It’s only really Blaster Goliaths and Heavy Nomads that I have to watch out for.
I know Last Ditch Effort can be useful, as having more damage in FFYL is always a good thing, especially in UVHM, but the movement speed is, again, IMO pointless.

Lvl21: Now I have a point in Phalanx Shield. I like Phalanx because when used correctly it can be a lifesaver. If you are in the middle of nowhere and get attacked, the shield acts as an excellent alternative to a brick wall. Sure, it will get taken out at some point, but if you are quick enough, I have found that you can easily off any enemies before the shield is destroyed.
I also have 5 points in Quick Charge. This skill is AMAZING. With this skill, coupled with 5 points in Willing and 4 points in Able, you will rarely find yourself in FFYL, hence the uselessness of LDE.

Lvl26: These 5 points I have invested in Resourceful. This skill is good, but it becomes excellent with a Legendary Engineer COM boosting it to 10/5. The cooldown rate is GREATLY decreased. Instead of waiting, say, 40 seconds, you’ll only be waiting 15 seconds until you can chuck your turrets back out.

I think you forgot to add the build?

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Haha yeah man, I’m working on it!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time these days as I have just gotten myself another job, so this will take longer than was expected.