My Axton buildS

Well since I took charge of the top gear guide for Axton I figured I’d post my most used builds My explosive build My double up Gemini build.
Not really looking for advice because of how long I’ve used them.
I would like to hear your thoughts on them.

regarding your explosive build i would use this build as if you put on a legendary solder class mod anything more than 6/5 in sentry, expertise, and healthy is overkill. and u should max out onslaught battlefront, and metal storm as they massively increase your damage per second(dps). put one point in laser sight so u know what your turrets slagging.also why not put points in duty calls as explosive counts as non elemental and it will give u more dps. and i would put points into quick charge because of survival and if your using a swordplosion the child explosions will damage u a quite a bit and take points out of resourceful because the legendary solider already makes the cool down pretty quick.

  1. The explosive build never uses a legendary soldier
  2. Battle front is maxed.
  3. I don’t Max metal storm because the fastball plus slag one shots most mobs anyways
  4. Onslaught isn’t maxed because all Axton’s gun damage buffs are additive and the bonus movement speed isn’t the best thing ever.
  5. Laser sight is Axtons’s worst skill IMO it makes your turret aim slower also I kill so fast slag is only needed on really tough enemies
  6. Duty calls doesn’t affect explosive because explosive is its own element
  7. I want as much cool down I can get without using the legendary soldier or engineer
    I hope I covered everything any more advice/questions

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bonus move speed is definately the best thing ever :stuck_out_tongue:

OK its good but I don’t like to play Axton where I go from cover to cover so I don’t Max it. I prefer a in your face blowing the f**k outta everything type play style.

This has surprised me a bit as I basically only agree with the 6/5 in Healthy and Expertise part.

Funny how one build and playstyle works great on others while on you it is much less optimal.

Everyone is different…truly

This kept me alive in my solo of the magic slaughter at OP8 more than anything else…

What can I say after hundreds of hours on Axton I settled for this hybrid build. Yes I know its not the best but it works great.

i can accept your critics as it is a grenade build and i didn’t make it for a grenade build. but i didn’t realize that laser sight made your turret aim slower and i have heard that explosive is it not is own element so if can give some proof that it is it’s element that would be nice

I remember seeing that explosive isn’t boosted by duty calls I’ll ask a pro tho @johnrr6 help me out

Explosive NOT boosted by Duty Calls.

Explosive is weird in the game…some times it is treated as an “element”

And sometimes not.

It’s an element all to its own: basically it’s an element that isn’t treated like an element, so any skills that boost elemental effect chance/damage won’t effect, and skills that boost non-elemental damage won’t effect it either.

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