My Baby is Back

This gun is soooo good now…get a 300/90 and enjoy for yourself…Thank you GBX!
(Watch in 1080p if you can)


Wasn’t the 300/90 anointment nerfed to be active for 1 shot on red health bars only? Ever since the nerf, I have been treating that anointment as if it were one of the airborn or sliding anoints that always get ignored.

Nope…works on all bars…as long as that bar is >90%.

There have been so many nerfs and changes to this game that I cant keep up with them.

I understand that the 300/90 anoint used to work on all bars above 90% but I also remember it got nerfed in the very next patch to only work on red bars. Has GB reverted the nerf they applied or were the patch notes incorrect?

I’m genuinely interested because I will start picking up weapons with that anoint again if this is true.

The way it used to work was that the 300% damage would apply as long as the bottom health bar was above 90%. If you were facing an enemy with 3 bars (shield, armor, health) the bonus would persist for the entirety of the shield and armor bars and 10% of the health bar.

What they changed was the bonus is now only active for 90% of the TOTAL EHP of an enemy. Taking the above example, let’s say an enemy has 1500 shield, 6000 armor, and 2500 health for 10,000 total EHP. The 300% bonus will only be active while the enemy is above 9000 EHP, or 500 shield. After that it will go away.


I don’t think there was ever a nerf besides the main one, or I never noticed…300/90 has always been a one-shoting machine, but the weapon you use has to be an extremely powerful, single-shot weapon

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Honestly now its working as intended, helping one shot guns and not being exploited
BTW as a only sniper player… im really happy with the monocle and the heads-lotion hahah

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