My Badass Rank, My Unlocks, and Golden Keys are all gone! (Since April 19)

Today, I have lost all of my badass ranks and lost all of my stuff that caused my rank to less than 8000 to 150 and lost all of my golden keys from more than 200 to 1 now (Due to Krieg’s save file not being corrupted) and all of my unlocks are gone after I was disconnected from the internet and had my game crash.

I tried support ticket, the only solution they gave to me was “Clear cache” which I did exactly what they told me to. But nothing worked.

I gave them all of the information that I could give them to in order to help their investigation. And the last reply I got was April 21 and still waiting. Tried sending them another support ticket 6 days ago, but they told me they were still investigating and they were would get rid of the copy ticket and want me to wait for their solution.

Have anybody wait for more than a week to get this problem fixed?

This, unfortunately, does happen. The short of it is that your BAR, keys, etc. are stored in a separate file from your game saves. If that file gets corrupted during a save or during the cloud sync process - it’s pretty much gone.

It is possible that, if you were to do a factory reset of your console, some data could be salvaged from the cloud saves. Any progress while off-line, however, would be lost.

Support can help with some things (such as keys and BAR points) but they can’t restore the file.

As far as wait times, between the updated texture packs for Handsome Collection, the BL1 Remaster, and the VIP program all happening at the same time, those are longer than normal. Please be assured that the support staff are working to get all issues resolved as soon as possible.

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Okay then. I see. Thanks for some information on what is going on. If you can get back keys and BAR points, then I think that could be good enough. But, I do hope everything can be back.

I have just seen people get their same problem solved within less than of a week, so I was just wonder about my own problem on what’s going on.

That I can’t comment on, other than some folks have only experienced a loss of keys while others - like yourself - have lost more. All I can advise is that you make sure that if you follow up, you top-post your reply to the last support email you received, as that ensures the ticket system updates correctly.

I had the same thing happen to me on 15th of April. 2 weeks later, nothing but crickets from 2k.

Vault hunter is right about resetting factory settings to restore BAR. One caveat, this will purge all profiles from your xbox. I lost my mule accounts and all the gear i grinded for these last 2 yrs. So make sure you know the email addresses and passwords of the profiles you wished to preserve.

I wouldnt get my hopes up waiting for 2k or GB to fix your problem. Its been 2 wks for me. I lost my BAR–i restored it-100 golden keys, all skins and heads. Would be nice to be compenated, say 200 keys would work. I bet they laugh every time a gamer gets that progress wiping bug.

Going forward, i wont be pre ordering anything from this company again. I may not get BL3 at all now. Definitely got to wait a couple of years to see what game-breaking bugs they leave in BL3.