My Battleborn (Ps4) Beta Feedback


let me just compile a quick list of things that need to be adressed. I think that these are still manageable until the release. These are just for PVP because PVE wise the game is pretty solid.

  • There is literally no ingame guide or tutorial to the different types of pvp arenas. So far, the normal casual players jumps into a match and has no clue about the several map objectives. Some small announcement does not inform the player well enough that there are mercs that will definetely help push your lane (for example)

  • A vocal announcement that someone has left the match.

  • Replacement Option of a disconnected player during a match so that the missing player may be replaced by some random player that just joins the Q.

  • Restrict (Solo Q) PVP. A Level 1 Player without any items selected should not be able to join a lobby. Throw him at least in a Tutorial. Too bad there isnt any.

  • Votekick options.

  • Concede Option should be agreeable/disagreeable more quick. Think of a button press instead of going into the menu.

  • Player Announcements. The Healer should be able to announce the need of help for example.

  • A larger Minimap. Overgrowth is a map control dependend arena. The minimap in the top right corner is way to small to see the current state of the match.