My Battleborn Review, Suggestions and Found Bugs

I played every aspect of the game and for the most part, I liked what I saw/played. The game was pretty good and with just 2 stories and 2 maps, I ended up playing quite a bit.

One thing I thought was lame was that the champions did not have alternative skin designs just color schemes. And every hero had the same alternate color scheme choices. Nothing tailored uniquely for each hero…

Bugs: At the individual Heroes screen, I noticed each hero had stat listings for Health and Power (I think, I just noticed 2 words) But these stats were far off to the right of the screen and cut off. I was unable to see the bars or any other possible stat listings to compare each hero. My hero choices during the beta were strictly chosen from their abilities.

-Note- I was playing the game on an ultrawide screen, so I don’t know if that makes a difference. Some games I have found play or show things differently on the ultrawide screen.

Also noticed that ability descriptions were cut off in-game

Bug 2: I unlocked Toby but was unable to play him. I noticed no one else ever used him either, so I am assuming everyone had the same problem (Which is a shame since he was one of the 3 heroes I really wanted to try) When I tried to select him, The game claimed he was not unlocked in my profile.

Less a bug, more a problem. The description of how to use El Dragons drop kick is misleading. I did not know there was a quick melee button and kept trying to use right click melee to activate. I thought it was just a bug until I found the quick melee key in the options menu (I thought it was an alternate primary attack key).


  1. Alternative Costume designs. Different colors is not enough
  2. Unique color schemes for Heroes and/or Factions (add some patterns too)
  3. Level 10 Minimum Player Level for Ranked games.
    -Since you cannot even use equipment until you are level 3, I felt players are at a serious disadvantage against level 20+ players who were using High tier equipment when they had none. And It is unfair to the other players on the team if they have to carry a level 1 player with no know how in the game who decided to play a ranked match as their first experience in the game. Players should be forced to at least know the basics before they play ranked matches.
  4. Increase Credits or Loot gained in PvP matches.
    -Playing a 20 minute Normal Story mission provided me with 4-10 Equipment Items (not to mention gear packs) and 4 or 5 times as many credits as a PvP match.
    4b) In PvP Give an uncommon gear pack to all players as a participation reward and an additional Rare gear pack to the winning team.
  5. Increase the gear loud outs from 3 to 6. But only allow 3 to be active at a time. I think this would be interesting as it would make less rare gear more useful as you can equip weaker gear faster then save up for your super expensive legendary gear. Or allow a bit of adaptability by changing what is active. This should be restricted to only being able to change it while in your base.

Maybe even make it a total of 6 Gear Loadouts. You have 3 automatically, but unlock the others the higher you go in rank. Say…

#4 unlocks at level 5
#5 unlocks at level 7
#6 unlocks at level 10

Which could tie into your Level 10 minimum for Ranked…since people will get the concept and advantage of having it set up with 6 slots but only 3 active at once.

6 active slots… that’s 10,800 shards for a full legendary set :sweat_smile:
No one is going to build things :worried:

Scaling would be implemented…but we also said only 3 would be used at once, so they ALL wouldn’t be used. It would just give for more options depending on what the game is doing in that match.

oh, I misread your post. I thought you ment having 6 items used at once. that’s why I like keeping only 3 active so you can pick gear to use based on the situation or have 3 cheap commons then 3 legends. but good idea to only have 3 to start then work up to 6.

I think it would make the player think harder about when and what to use.

IF they have 6 made up they need to think outside the match as to which one they want placed in what spot (5,7,10) and then if they wanted say the 4th spot ready to use they’d have to possibly NOT use one of the 1-3 gears…

Already exists. Just not available during the beta. The IA in private matches on pvp maps were usign really interesting skins for their characters :3.

I’m all for this, although their default skin is usually on the same tone specific of the faction they belong to. (Red for Jennerit, Blue for LLC, orange for Rogue, and so on)

If ranked game system works properly, a newbie will be fighting mostly newbies, meaning not disadvantage. It should actually result in an easier game for the newcomer than non-ranked, since you can encounter a command rank 100 going 30-0 since matches have no EL0.

Increasing the amount of loot isn’t especially welcome, and so is the idea of removing an incentive to play the co -op missions. If you make co-op mission something that you do once and then you’re done, it will be impossible to find player for this a while after the release. So no.

As long as we keep the “only 3 active at a time” then more items per loadout simply means more strategical optiuon to adapt in each match. Looks good to me.

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I suggested this, I think i would be a trade off, are you going to be a player that about fighting other players? Or a player that fights the opposing teams. Like all mobas that just get launched im assuming that later on the community is going to start coming out with metas. That being said im also assume that in a single lane 5v5 mode like incursion there will most likely be 2 player forcusing on the fighting the other team, one player focused on pushing minions, and 2 players getting camps, building buildables, and destroying the other teams buildables. Thats just a guess i could be wrong.

that’s why I like the option of being able to change what gear you have equipped, especially in public games. Being able to adjust your role, even slightly by changing your gear would be great.

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Absolutely, and trading off for gear you get to eventually is a great idea. Maybe someone deson’t make it there…maybe they do. Who knows, but it changes the dynamic of the round/match for everyone. They could go offensive to start the match and switch to defensive if they are getting beat up or pushed back…or vice versa

I made a suggestion that there would be a trade in cost, you get like 40% your spent shard back and the gear resets. So i would be best to figure out what kind of load out you need before you get to late game. And if your already invest in your loadout in late game, might be better to learn how to play with it.

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I think rather than people needing to be level 10 to enter rank, they should instead have to play 10 pvp random quick matches or maybe more because even if someones level 30 they may never have played pvp and the pvp is more complex than simply killing people, you gotta learn the maps, objectives, and etc. also there should be a hero draft in ranked because you can simply lose because the enemy team got lucky and chose characters that hard countered your team which is not fair

Review before the game is out based on a single Beta participation. Seems legit.

the problem with a hero draft is that you are limited in the number of item sets you can run with. (me personally) had very specific sets for each hero I was using and very few of those sets I would use with other champions. so if your last in the draft and none of your sets work for the last few options you have, then your screwed.

To make Drafting possible, each player would need to reach the minimum level that has 5 additional heroes unlocked. 16, if you wanna follow LoL’s example and allow bans on certain heros first :stuck_out_tongue:

ypu could also have multiple requirements for ranked.
Minimum level 10 AND played 10 non-ranked pvp matches first.