My Battleborn Review

[B]I love this game but I have waited for two patches and I can no longer give this game a positive review unless the following glaring issues are addressed:[/B]

  1. Microtransactions are completely unacceptable in a game which costs $60-80.

  2. This game desperately needs more missions and maps for a game which costs $60-80.

  3. There is way too much grind for a game with so little content because leveling up the heroes takes forever.

  4. Both the heroes and the enemies get stuck in the co-op campaign maps and this can be game breaking.

  5. The heroes are extremely unbalanced and because of this the competitive mode seems to be pointless.

  6. It is diffcult to get a full team because players disconnect and then the game never adds new players.

[U]My critique of the co-op campaign[/U]
-mission 1: good
-mission 2: good
-mission 3: too repetitive
-mission 4: good
-mission 5: good
-mission 6: too repetitive
-mission 7: too repetitive
-mission 8: good

[U]My favorite heroes[/U]
-heavy weapons
-Barack Obama
-witchblade elf
-space marine
-dark samus
-happy feet
-sith lord

For me this game is great because co-op shooters are my thing and I like to replay the campaign with different heroes. I would not bother buying it for the competitive mode.

Where are the mindless fans of the game screaming that the game is perfectly balanced?

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