My Battleborn Story - One Player's Final Goodbye

So hi, me again. I dropped off the face of the internet like a year ago. Anyway, I’d like to give my final piece on a game that has had such a profound impact on my life.

Unfortunately, I will (or actually did this about a year ago) be stepping away from Battleborn. But before I do, let’s get into the reason you probably opened this thread.

Onto the goodbye;
Battleborn has been one of my favorite games of all time and has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had as someone who religiously plays video games. The game itself not only served as a source of over 600 hours of playtime but was a segway to many friendships I’ve made within the Battleborn community.

To me, Battleborn was a marvel of game design and artistic ability. The culmination of so many skilled writers, artists, modelers, programmers, pun slingers, and voice actors (and so many more skillsets needed to make a game) came together to forge something new and took a risk.

Gearbox gambled millions of dollars on the idea of a MOBA-FPS hybrid, with the story simplified down to the idea of a dying universe and the last star. To many outsiders looking in, that investment may seem to have been a failure, that because Battleborn’s player base wasn’t in the millions the game simply wasn’t worth making.

Battleborn may not be remembered by many, but I guarantee you those that will remember this game will remember it for many many years with fond memories and friendships. Through and through the small but fierce community of Battleborn has been one of my most favorite places to be on the internet.

The quirky, fun, and overall nice people that played this game past its relevancy date are some of the best people to talk gaming with, and what better game than Battleborn to obsess over.

I’d personally love to mention just a few of the amazing people within the Battleborn community that went above and beyond for the game.
Mentalmars, Kitru, NatsumeRyu, TheOnlyTachyon, Lowlines

Obviously this isnt every note worthy person, but these are some of the most passionate Battleborn fans I’ve ever met, and some of the nicest.

I don’t regret jumping head first into Battleborn in May of 2016, I don’t regret joining the community discord in November of 2016, I don’t regret the time I’ve invested into the game or the time I’ve invested into the community. I leave this game with a heart full knowing I got more than I could ever ask from a 60$ purchase.

I leave Battleborn knowing full well that the heart that went into this game was not in vein. As long as someone out there is still playing Battleborn until the very end, then it will have been worth it in my book.

I’ll never forget the memories or the memes I’ve shared with this amazing game and its equally amazing community. I can only hope for a redemption of this game in the future by Gearbox, but even if that never comes, Battleborn will have left its impact on me for the better.

Goodbye and good luck Battleborn community, #ForSolus
Never stop fighting for light


Damned right!!!


I feel and respect everything you have said, 2016 was a great year and I loved every bit of Battleborn I got from it. Going back to it now to finish it off, I just can’t. Since December 22 the game has had an error retrieving stats so any progress in the game cannot be made. Its not just me, plenty of others with the same issue. Gearbox zendesk is no help, no response from Twitter.

It seems they have given up fighting for light, and now I have too. They may as well close the servers now as its unlikely they will ever fix it. Instead of going out with one last hurrah, I’m left with a bad taste for the game I loved so much.

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Amen, friendo.