My Benedict Feedback & Suggestions

I’m aware that the game is new. That it’s still fresh. And that there’s alot that I’ve yet to learn. But, I’ve been playing Benedict for a bit (including during the Beta), and I’ve got some feedback.

As much as I love Benedict and his incredible mobility, his weapons don’t feel very rewarding to me.
It’s tough to land his rockets, and even when you do effectively use them, the damage output doesn’t quite justify the effort required.
He’s not very user-friendly, even when considering his Advanced title.

Here I will list Benedict’s cons, as I see them, and follow through with some suggestions:

Hawkeye cannot be used while airborne. This, to me, is a huge issue that conflicts with his entire playstyle. Activating Hawkeye while gliding will currently drop Ben straight to the ground.

Suggestion: Allow Hawkeye to be used while gliding.

Hawkeye’s window of opportunity if far too small, in my opinion, especially with the rate at which Benedict needs to reload.

● Hawkeye’s homing target Duration is increased from 3s to 5s.
● Persistent Projectiles Duration boost is now +3s instead of +1s.
These changes allow Benedict more time to better place himself, aswell as reload, when using Hawkeye mid-battle.

Benedict’s primary Rockets are very slow, making it unnecessarily tough to place shots against average speed characters from the sky, including when homing with Hawkeye. Even with Speed Delivery, they are not only still rather slow, but you’d have to sacrifice a rather large cut to his Reload Time.

● Increase base Rocket Speed.
This will increase Ben’s accuracy, and allow Hawkeye’s homing to be more consistent and rewarding.
● Replace Speed Delivery, or possibly rework it into something like: +Rocket Speed & +DMG per distance Rocket traveled, allowing for improved mid-long range capabilities. This could also make it worth choosing over reload time for players who prefer laying down cover from more moderate distances from the sky.

A Murder of Rockets seems like it is necessary to use the current Ben, due to the above cons I have found with Hawkeye.

Benedict really doesn’t need to have 3 separate Blast Radius skills.

● Eyes on You’s effect is changed to: Hawkeye can now target an enemy by keeping them in Hawkeye’s crosshair, allowing for its specific rocket(s) to home-in on that target.
● Hawkpocalypse’s effect is now replaced, maybe have it Silence enemy Abilities?
● Danger Zone now affects all of Ben’s projectiles.

Party Starter does seem like enough for what it does, as it is not only a Level 9 upgrade, but it is also buffing a single shot of a specific Ability.

● Allow that damage buff to spread to the base Rockets that home-in on a target due to Hawkeye’s effect.

Additional Suggestions:
● I was thinking that reloading a with a full Magazine while gliding could have him drop his whole clip’s worth of Rockets, one at a time, performing a sort of bombardment. Not necessary at all though.
● Immediately successive Rocket hits on an enemy could have slightly escalating damage increases, rewarding skilled players and improving Hawkeye’s usefulness. Also not necessary.

I know that skilled players can destroy with Benedict, but those players could do the same or better on a character with more user-friendliness, with far less hassle.
My goal is to make Benedict more streamlined while rewarding players more for their efforts.


Birdbando is ONE OF THE STRONGEST chars in the game at the moment if you know how to play him. He has one of the best mobility, damage and versatility with the only weakness being “Hard to play” and “Squishy”.

He doesn’t need any straight buffs or way to gain more damage. Most of the suggestion you added didn’t include the fact that “Stacking status” exists in the game.

Currently, late game, I am stacking damage% so hard (everything that gives damage on his helix and items like white glove (9%) and purple prefix vest (5%). Combined with Homing damage boost and the smaller rockeet but higher damage helix, I am dealing 1.6k per Q + 3 AA on non tanks. (Almost 200 a Q, 400 something a rocket)

Add in boomsday to the combo for 2.3k damage. All squishes get 100-0 if they don’t get some defensive. When I get his legendary later for extra damage and it might even break 2.4k.

If they’re someone like Miko who has a big head, shoot up in the sky to force a crit for even MORE damage.

His current build is perfectly fine.

Let me break each of your suggestion each of your suggesstion one by one

Get used to playing him and you will see just how versatile and powerful he is. There’s a reason why many people that play the game to a certain amount of time will consider him a top tier char. Only when played by a complete scrub that try to go “CoD Rocket Sniper Grounded Bird” will he fails so hard and feeds to non-Galiea melee.

If anything, most of his Mutators (Charge to shoot 2 rockets or dive bomb) and some of the worthless helixes like (Slow on Lift off/deal damage) are the only stuffs that need fixing.

I’m not going to say much but as of now he is one of my favourite. As his description says, he’s a pusher. Great for clearing minions and holding back players from advancing. I focus more on pushing players and minions back than killing them. Well, I kill the minions but focus on pushing players back. Hawkeye can be used while gliding, it’s just tricky to do. It’s more about the blast radius of the rockets rather than always landing direct hits, it works great against a team with a Miko sticking to someone while healing them. I managed to snag 17 kills one game but I haven’t gotten anywhere near that again. Not sure how I did it but he definitely has great potential.

I do believe he needs adjustments to Hawkeye. Being usable in air… Nailed it. Hawkeye also makes little sense to be just as slow as rockets. You use it on high mobility characters. Doesn’t help a whole lot if you’re shot can’t make it before they move at all in any direction. Aside from those Benni is the shiz! So much in fact that even with those skill flaws, he is a TOTALLY viable character.

Play Benedict at Close range, and problem solved. (That’s how i play him, btw)

All the Failnedict play him as if you’re supposd to snipe people with rocket launcher like a typical marquis camper.

You’re supposed to be on their head about half a lane length at most or be right on top of your foes. Triple jump is so good when you know how to pace it while Qing to a lift-off fly triple air headshot (with possible crit). All you need is one splash from the Q to 100-0 any squishies without tanky item enabled.

Just because Benedict can be very powerful when used effectively, does not mean he has no need for improvements. Especially ones that streamline his kit.

Each of my major suggestions only dealt with improving the user-friendliness/Quality of Life of Benedict’s movepool. My other suggestions were merely ideas I had to help reward the player for the effort it takes to use Benedit (it’s not like my main suggestions would make him super easy to use, they’d just ease some aches).

● How is the ability to use Hawkeye while gliding “clearly too powerful”? You said nothing to back this claim up. For the sake of Ben’s theme, it is a major issue that his bread & butter skill cannot be activated while making use of his passive flight capabilities.
● Not all skirmishes start with you at full ammo, nor with you in a capable spot to use homing rockets (as they aren’t all that great at cutting corners, for example). A few extra seconds would go a long way in alleviating those issues.
● Rocket speed boost isn’t absolutely needed, but it’s really tough to tag enemies with rockets from the skies, and this remains partially true even from the ground. Yes, they’re high damage, but they need to contact.

The only reason you’re supposed to use this rocket-using high-flying bird from short range only is because a few of the flaws I listed. -_-

The same can be said in the opposite.

“Just because a bunch of people fail with him doesn’t mean he needs buffs”

He isn’t rated low like Caldarius who is "Hard to play and somewhat ineffective"
He’s rated as “Extremely strong with skill floor.”

He doesn’t need any user friendliness, QoL or straight buffs. He’s already good the way he is, even stepping close to “OP” zone.

  1. Hawkeye gliding will allow me to hit people hiding on high spot and just 100-0 them while gliding. Melee can’t even play against him and medium range type gun are already having issues. Why are we giving him even more options to destroy something he already hard counter with? Them trying to hit me while I’m using Hawkeye and doing triple jump is probably the only window they can really get to me before I fly away and rain rocket on them.

Also if you want to get technical, this is going to be a control issues.

How am I going to cancel my Hawkeye mid flight then since the same button is used for gliding? M3 is already assigned to Dive bomb too so you can’t just add a new button for this. Double tap will also uses the skill.

  1. Skirmish starting with low ammo is the player’s fault. This is no longer an issue after level 3 with +30% reload speed and even less of an issue with a reload loadout item. Also, Benedict reload is special. HE reloads one at a time. THis means there’s absolutely no reason you should waste the full clip before reloading. He can even reload while gliding with no speed drop. If the player is still facing reload issues after 3, he needs to learn to play.

  2. No it’s not tough. It’s even easier if you go Area damage boost on rocket. It’s doable even with reduced area effect for more damage when you’re used to it because you want to 100-0 people.

Benedict ammo has only one real way to dodge it consistently and it only works if Benedict isn’t flying.

-Enemy is jumping alot so you can’t shoot the ground to deal damage all the time.

However, it’s different if you’re flying at close/mid range, like you should be doing. Shooting from above completely remove this counterplay.

What is wrong with playing him as a flying bird shooting from above his opponent? What even gives you the image that “Benedict is a super global long range rocket sniper” anyway?

Nothing, you just made that up.
But whatever, I’m done with your extreme bias.

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I hope you are as done with my opinions as you are as done with losing all the time with Birdbando.

You seems to forget something:
Benedict is an Advanced Battleborn, he is supposed to be hard to play.

I will say, there is a difference between being harder to play, and being easily outplayed. Benedict definitely suffer from the latter. I’m not saying he needs to run tank or go over the top on a damage buff, but a minimal tweak or two could make a huge difference on a character like him.

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Seriously, what?
I don’t see how you can outplay Benedict.
So either we don’t have the same definition, or we don’t talk about the same Benedict.

Corrsk. That gif just earned you about 1000 and 1/2 awesome points.

By “easily outplayed” I only mean in any 1v1 situation, it is easier for him to be the one left down. Sure he’s mobile. He hits hard. However, at Benedicts optimal range he can be out gunned. Now factoring skills and status effects, Benedict also gets the short end of the stick. Leaving him few ways to counter an all out attack both near and far.

Benedict is made to be played with other factors in mind, like backing minions, turrets, or even environment. Nothing in his helix helps him to play a strong singular role. Why? Even Miko doesn’t deal much damage but his speed and heals keep him competitive, and he’s only a healer.

Now I will continue to play Benedict. I mean I’m no pro with him, but he’s too much fun to put down.

Note: I’m not arguing, just clarifying my thoughts as my whole point was to get feedback from other players (maybe even better players). So appreciate the responses even if they counter my thoughts.

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Propre use of GIF achieved, heh.

His optimal range is “As close as you can get”.
He doesn’t even damage falloff (Only his AoE does) So you can shoot from really far or right next to someone, your damage will be the same. That and your mobility give you the luxury to choose at which range to engage depending on your prey.
A Marquis is being annoying? Just get right to his face.
A Rath? Just nest high up and pepper him with rockets.

Liftoff counter any melee attack.
And unless you don’t pay attention to your surrounding, you can escape range character rather quickly too, unless you get hit by a slow effect (Which is the worst for Benedict)
And Hawkeye is really painful with the proper helix choices.

Environment, yes, as i stated above. Turrets? Only the enemy Thumper turret, so you won’t get Slow. And minions? The way i play Benedict (I play him like an Assassin character) they are just secondary, it’s my Team’s job.

Well, Miko is one of the most important character in PvP anyway.
If you don’t have a Miko or have a bad one, you will just feel like playing Dark souls. “You died”.
And i do model his helix to switch from Pusher to Assassin. And trust when i say he can be really effective at that, even more than those who are “real” assassin characters.

Also, i’m not going to counter everything, i already made a build and information topic on the Benedict thread, so if you want to know more how i play him it’s there (I’m also rewriting it, so it’s easier to read, and less lenghty)

But i can show you some result:
This is a game from a couple of days ago, where someone (Marquis) left in the first few minutes of the game, so we ended up in 4 vs 5. We obviously lost (Their team was decent, even if the team comp was kinda odd). But let’s say i didn’t let the enemy have an easy game since they had 0 counters to me (Marquis, Montana, OM, ISIC).
Benedict can hold on his own against most characters except the most tanky one (Most of my time i’m on my own anyway)

Mmk, Corrsk. I see you, haha! I’ve read your build notes, but I don’t even think I’ve unlocked the 3rd mutation yet. Maybe one day I’ll be the one Benni to rule them all. Again appreciate your input on this topic.

Please don’t act as if I am trying to make Benedict super easy to use.
I am only trying to make him not fight himself.
My main changes would not make him any less for advanced players.

I’ll say it again: just because plenty of people can use him to great effect, does not mean that he can’t be any more streamlined, less redundant, and more welcoming to more players.

And no, I’m not someone who is begging for buffs because they keep losing with Ben…
It’s just, from my time with him, I feel that Benedict could simply play smoother and be less strict on himself.

He has an “Advanced” for difficulty, not easy. Newbie should be forced to learn, not suddenly do well with him.

I even decided to share one of the advanced tricks to have infinite ammo with him because he has THE BEST firing and reload animation you can ask for.

And there are even many more tricks such as forcing a 4th rocket on Hawkeye or instant air glide turn but if the players aren’t even willing to learn, they can just stick to playing Miko and hold the heal button and stay away from harder chars.

That would make him way OP.
Seriously, just your suggestion of doubling his Hawkeye would literally outrage peoples.

Also, most of what you see as trouble (Like Rocket speed) got upgrade in his Helix to help you with.
Benedict is balanced, and his Helix (beside one or two thing) is malleable enough to help you deal with what you have trouble with.

He is an “Advanced” character, he is not supposed to be Streamlined or welcoming to player.
That’s “Easy”, like Oscar Mike. Streamlined, and welcoming.
And i don’t see why you say he is redundant. There is no other character like Benedict.

Only changes I would be for are for some of his mutations, they are kind of lackluster. Don’t agree with that Hawkeye change at all though, you get 2 free homing shots or 3 if you pick the right helix on his level 1. Having 5 shots is way too overkill. Benedict is incredibly strong and really doesn’t need anything to stay competitive IMO.