My BEST (but still terrible) match up out of the last 10 games I've played! PICS included

Out of my last 10 versus matches, 8 of them were against premades with 4-5 grouped friends while my team didn’t have a single grouped up person. The other 2 games were random vs random however the level differences were insane. The following screen shots are from the THE MOST balanced game level/random wise I got in the last 10 games. This crap is absolutely insane. Why the hell is it I can’t ever get on a team that has a massive level advantage? Why is it always the other way around for me? Always… And for the note I’m the level 16.

This particular game ended in about 5 minutes (before we could even try to surrender).

Destroyed in 5 minutes… Again… this was THE MOST BALANCED match I had out of my last 10 games. Think about that… I was just happy it wasn’t a pre-made group of 4-5 friends… but the level difference was still stupid and that was THE BEST match up I had for awhile. Most of my games consist of me on a totally random team vs a group of 4-5 friends who are a good 10+ levels higher than most people on my team.

Seriously… what the hell already?

I mean, it would be a little bit better if I could at least sometimes be on the teams that have a massive level advantage or get lucky and be the 5th person on a team of 4 friends but that’s literally never happened for me a single time. Am I seriously just that unlucky?

Thing of it is… whenever I happen to get into a game that’s actually balanced and is random vs random I generally dominate. I dominate in kills or I get insane assists with Miko and we usually win… but I only get even a somewhat balanced game maybe 1 out of every 10 I play. It’s not that I’m just a terrible player or some nonsense like that… but what am I supposed to do when I’m in a totally random group of all level 8s and below vs a team of 4-5 friends all in their 20s or higher?

I feel your pain for sure. Between the hours I’ve wasted dying in the final wave of saboteur & the pvp matchmaking Overwatch is starting to look better & better…

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The matchmaking is pretty bad right now, but it is important to note that the levels mean absolutely nothing in regards to player skill.

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Level means nothing, I’m often on the better team level-wise, and it’s always a close game. Honestly, I find that about 3/5 games don’t have anyone leaving and are within a 100 points on Meltdown. Incursion/Capture are much more one sided though

ive wont almost every game i played,
including one were the LOWEST level enemy was 20+ levels higher then our highest level
levels really dont mean anything other then "we played more"
you can finish every match with 0 kills/assists, and still level up

play better, and you will win more
also, try making friends with good players (if you believe premades are THAT important)

my best match (the second one at level 5 lol)

Agree to a certain extent, I’ve run into players that were 40 levels above me in terms of command rank but absolutely decimated them. The problem becomes that you can be pretty certain a player in single digits is not going to have the same arsenal as someone who is in the 20/30s (presumably anyway bc if you’re only playing pvp you aren’t getting nearly as much loot.)