My Best Gallilea Round

This happened this morning and it is certainly the best round I’ve ever been a part of. Not kill wise, but gameplay wise. We begun the game with four people but very early on, maybe 1 minute two minutes, our Pendles DC’d so it was 3v5 for the majority of the game. They had our sentry down to 88 health pretty quickly, but then out of nowhere they started doing some crazy damage on it. So I went and got our thrall, the elite bot and the double mid thralls and we took out their sentry in about fifteen seconds, right as they killed our sentry. Then we held them off and they held us off until the last two minutes where they killed all three of us. Then they stormed our base hoping to get any kind of damage on our sentry and I, our Miko and our Marq just re-spawned just in time to stop them. In the last minute of the game I went up into that healing area and got a tripple kill on their marq WF and OM and then killed their Ambra just barely. Our marq sniped the crap outa their Pendles the whole game and saved my ass more tahn once for sure. The Miko was a life saver cause I accidentally chose my Miko gear so I had no self healing over time. Huge commendations to both Unit 511 and Sacred Tricks (who was only a lvl 23 if I recall correctly). Unit 511 even messeged me after congratulating me on our win. We won only be avrage player scores, man what a rush! I just had to share this one with you forum members.


Congrats, games like those are definitely amazing

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That sir deserves a spot here:

Not only for winning, but for the fact you stuck that one out and in the end pulled off a 5 v 3 win. Seriously, AWESOME JOB!

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I was going to put it there initially but couldn’t find the post :laughing:

Very similar situation today I was in as Galilea. 4v5, went 19-0 for the victory. Nicely done!

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