My best game was my worst loss; further discussion about K:D

I recently played a game of Meltdown on Coldsnap where I went 31-7, my team had 67 kills total while the enemy team had 24 kills. We were up by 43 kills yet we still lost 402-427, and it was my fault.
Midway through the game we were up by over 100 points and I was on a killstreak, I became cocky and complacent and that’s when the bloodlust set in. I stopped helping my teammates who were destroying and escorting minions and instesd I started transitioning lanes looking for kills. With two minutes to go the enemy team pulled ahead and I died twice in a row, my karma for ignoring the objective and focusing on enemy kills. I pissed off my team and learned my lesson that game, never succumb to bloodlust in Battleborn. I’ve seen many teams lose because of this mentality and I’ve told many players to play the objective not the kills, I guess I’m a hypocrite now and I deserved that loss.

Here’s the screenshot, the enemy team must have been jumping for joy after this one. Props to this team, none quit or voted for surrender, well done for sticking it out and sticking it to me for my mistakes :slight_smile: If any of you are on these forums and see this post, good game guys good game!


In meltdown there should be two people dedicated to holding each Lane and someone roaming at basically all times.

You were clearly in the roaming position just at the draft screen.

The real problem is you had 1 Lane pusher (orendi) two Lane defenders who can’t really push (Toby and marquis) and a support and not a single tank or skirmisher to push minions past the first alters.

Your team comp wasn’t going to be good at pushing into enemy territory to win the game, so I’m not surprised your push fell apart late game, in fact, that’s exactly what I’d expect with the other team having the comp they have.

If I had to make a guess, whichever land didn’t have orendi in it couldn’t get the job done unless you were there pushing for them.

There was no problem at all with our team comp, this was our strategy. One sniper on either lane for wave clear while Orendi and Phoebe (me) pushed deep to defend our minions and slay enemy Battleborn. The only problems were my bloodlust and Miko - Not the player but the character. Miko provided no lane clear and on a map with multiple heal stations and spawn so close to lanes a healer was an unnecessary addition. We’ve used this composition with a fifth sweeper several times and win most games because of this simple yet effective strategy.

I lost sight of the objective in favour of kills while the enemy team died for the objevtive, that was what made the difference.

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This…I…You´re such a great amazing & honest person!!! :scream:
Sorry for the outbreak, its just rare to come across people like you in “the internet” -scary noises-

Bloodrage is a common and often fatal desease, Rath, Phoebe, Gal & Orendi catch this sickness often^^ Almost 90% of my Orendi-deaths was because of furious bloodrage… At least I finally own a headset to apologize to my mates >.<

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Lol thanks :3 No point in blaming my team, 31 kills means nothing if we lose, I should have had higher minion and objective counts. I’ve played with players who had 0 kills and several deaths but half the minion and objective count of the whole team, they end up being MVP with 0 kills and win us the game. So long as you’re dying for the objective your death is not in vain, better to push the objective and die then flee to preserve K:D and leave enemy minions to go through the grinder.


It’s good to learn from your mistakes and even better to own up to them rather than blame others, which so often is what people do these days.

Thanks for sharing your story and for your honesty. :slight_smile:


This is a great thread, thanks for the honesty @Slif_One.

Meltdown is all about the minions and building. I’ve lost many matches of it because people don’t focus on those things.

If I see a wave of minions with none of my teammates around and 2 enemy battleborn I step in front everytime to kill as many minions as I can knowing I will die.


Well said. I was in an Incursion match last night where we lost. Towards the end, someone texts “what are you $&@?!s doing?” I check score quickly and text back that I have more minion kills than the rest of the team combined.

I then get a Steam message telling me I’m supposed to Snipe players, not minions. I politely tell him the following:

  • I’ll slay minions so others can kill ( I was Thorn, and had 4 kills and the least deaths).
  • It is the minions that get the sentry shields down
  • Their minions get in our minions way.
  • Matches where people just focus on kills end at the six minute mark. I have been in enough to know.

This is definitely a problem that I’ve came across myself. I was playing as Isic, up by over 100, and had been killed by Rath’s ult 5 times. Those also happened to be my only deaths, needless to say I was really pissed off and tried to kill the Rath multiple times. I died twice more, and my team lost by 6. I never got to kill the Rath either, different extent but same idea

I wish more people realized things like this. If I had a nickel for every time some random said I’m useless to the team I could buy another copy of the game…or two.

This when I always have highest assists, shards, buildables and usually top 2 or 3 on minions.

At least the OP is honest and not blaming everyone else.

Props OP.

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