My best match ever:)

I played orendi on monuments and we lost our first sentry early game but then I got my ult and gear on and started wrecking.

Shoutout to the people who played this match too. Props for sticking it out and making it fun:)

P.S to all you Reyna players on XB1 I love you guys good Reynas like this one make my day


Woah, very nice! 29 kills, I’ve never reached that high. A true Master of Orendi. ;p

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That’s awesome! Beat my high score by 2 deaths and a kill. Poor Pendles though. Every time he went near you he pretty much died

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Yeah I waited for him to smoke bomb than use my pillar nullify launch pillar combo


Nice game! I’ve twice hit 29 – once with Galilea and once with Rath. But in both cases I had 1 death. My best no death game is 21 (I think that was with Orendi). Still trying for that elusive 30 kill match.

pretty amazed they hung in there. It’s hard to get worthy of a song these days and it looks like you didn’t have a hard time.

I got worthy of song a while back with ghalt but this is my best kill streak record now