My best Scrap Shot to date

I use to think this ability was useless but after running more Whiskey I realized it’s not as useless as I thought. Still needs a buff in damage imo, but not as bad as what I thought. Anyways, check this clip of me using it all cool like and stuff. At least cool to me anyways lol. SCRAP GAME ON POINT!


Nice shot! Dude just got #shrekt

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Dam dude, you were tagging him sick the whole way.
Mad jealy

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Is this on PC?

I just went through all the characters leveling them to level 5 and now I’m on Whiskey.

I’m on the PS4 and what I’m realizing is that Whiskey is all about accuracy and crits. Accuracy is difficult with the controller but I think on PC with a mouse and keyboard he could be very strong.



Looks like a console to me.

He is all about crits but it is pretty difficult to hit moving targets with him so it’s better to focus on attack speed, recoil, and Reload speed if possible. Running the most attack speed possible is what i’ve seen do the most damage, then reload, then recoil.