My big ass wish list for Borderlands 4 (FOUR), addressing the frustrations of BL3

Upgrades people, upgrades!

I agree with a lot of these. Billions plus guns is cool and all, but it’s pointless when really only less than 1 percent are good. I would love to see crafting and gun customization become the future.

The problem is they keep breaking the base game’s balance by arbitraily increasing numbers. And then adding DLC/event weapons that grossly outperform pre-buffed base game guns. When BL3 first launched, very few guns were completely useless. What they need to do for future BL games is in addition to balancing difficulty and new gear around the base game’s meta, only focus on buffing underperforming weapons and leave the meta weapons alone, aside from fixing/nerfing any outliers that are overperforming. And by overperforming, basically any weapon not working as intended (Pipe Bomb) or doing absurd damage on its own without any sort of proper synergy setting it up(Yellowcake).

Instead what they’ve done with M2.0 is make enemies so absudly tough only a handful of guns can handle it, not to mention in prep for M2.0 all the buffs Moze’s IB got were rendered completely pointless, and instead of bringing that difficulty and any OP weapons down to a base line the base game can handle (which would of been quicker), they randomly buff the damage of legendaries, sometimes multiple times, further breaking the game as weapons that get buffed now steamroll everything outside mayhem mode. Keep in mind they are also buffing non-uniques too occasionally, so evntually we’ll end up with a game where any new player or veteran leveling a new character will basically be any to pick up any gun and faceroll enemies serveral levels above the weapon’s level.

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Purchasing another Early Access product from this developer, ever:crazy_face:

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I think over this past year BL3 has been in early access for next gen consoles. We just all paid full price to beta test it for them.

You’re welcome future Xbox Series S/X and PS5 owners.

Why do you all think that there will be a Borderlands 4?
The Borderlands franchise contains 1, 2, TPS, Stories…, and 3. This franchise has FIVE parts to it. Let it end!

Trump 2020!