My big extractor/creator dosent work after new patch

I use unfbig and it worked perfectly doing what it is supposed to until the new patch came out for HWRM and it simply does not work anymore. I was wondering if there is a change in the way big files are put together as it does not open even decrypted .big files!?

I was using Spooky’s archive tool and I couldn’t extract the update big file (UpdateHomeworld2.big). So I used the archive.exe program that lives in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\GBXTools\WorkshopTool\

It worked fine.

Got it to work again after reinstalling

Hello again. Using unfbig to compile a big file results in file not found and then a crash error.
( I have Windows 10 just in case it dosent work with it.)

Tried to do it on win 10 and then XP but this is all it says:

Edit: wrong image fixed

Aren’t you supposed to use the workshop tool for creating a .big and uploading to steam?

Hod do you use that

Edit:I mean how

I don’t want to upload it yet though

Then what’s the point of packaging it into a .big file? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t do any multiplayer testing unless it’s on Steam so if you wanted to do that just make a “test version” of the mod and make it friends only.

Then make a new version of the mod with a different name so Steam assigns it a new ID and all the stats are accurate from day one.

(Edit: I guess you could also be uploading to moddb or something. For that I think you just need to use Archive.exe but I’m not entirely sure how)

I want to test it first before actually uploading it

That same guide also explains how you can just use -moddatapath to run a mod you have as loose files.

It lives!

My only problem is that I can’t get the ship icons to work. Do you know how to change them?

What I did is kept each icon separate from each ship so that each ships’ folder has 4 files: .ship .event .hod and .tga

the shipicons.lua file in the DATA:ship\icons folder is what you want.

From there I just added each entry

Ama_Abaddon = {
	LargeIcon = {
		texture = "DATA:\\Ship\\ama_abaddon\\ama_abaddon.tga",
		textureUV = { 0, 0, 512, 256},
		stretchOnDraw = 1,

Make sure that the tga files DONT have RLE compression and for them too look good I recommend that resolution above ^

How do you use a vanilla icon?

That lua file should have them all, just copy and paste the profile you want and change the name of the ship_name = { at the beginning

Thanks for the help @Xercodo but my final question is where do you copy the line in the lua file to.

A new line in the same lua?..

I just pasted it in the wrong place but I fixed it now. :blush: