My big fantasy :'D

Male version of Deande :blush:

And crossover with favorite characters :wink:


Amazing art! :heart_eyes: Love your male Deande alot, the hair looks fanastic!

Thank you so much/blush/I wanted to melt the hearts…as my lovely Deande doing with me :'3

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His outfit is very nat too, maybe I´d make he cloak longer, like robes from AssasinsCreed^^
Ahhh, fanart…still working on a sexy Attikus fanart, reworking him into a wingless Ilidan :kissing_closed_eyes:
(His current model just freaks me out, he´s sooo scary & ugly >.<)

Male Deande looks like an elf, which would explain why he looks like a women, Orendi has more masculinity than him.

Yeees,because race of jennerit looks like vampire-elves and from this it can be concluded that they refined and graceful(especially Deande she is a spymaster not a bull with a ton of muscle):3

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