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I have a few more questions. 1) After you have gotten all of the weapons upgrades you can buy with Eridium. Does the game ever let you buy more or is that it? I keep gathering the stuff just because it became habit. But is there any reason to anymore, other than having some in case you want to farm Terramorphous? 2) If you pick up a mod that is a “team” mod. Does it give you the same advantage even if you’re not playing on a team? 3) How does the bank work? I put stuff in there but I cannot retrieve it unless I swap it for something else. 4) I found out that you can level up pretty fast by blowing up bandit cars in the dust (it takes about 4 hours to level up), but then when I went back to regular game play all the bad guys and Hyperion robots had leveled up as well, so what is the purpose of leveling up? Why try to level up real fast if the bad guys level up just as fast as you do?

That’s all you can buy, but you can use it to play Tina’s slot machines for a chance at Seraph crystals. That or feed Buttstallion for a chance at gemstone weapons.

  1. You can feed Butt Stallion after completing the Tiny Tina DLC, you can spend Eridium in the slot machines in the Tiny Tina DLC, and I believe it’s used to spawn all of BL2’s raid bosses, not just Terra.
  2. Yes, you are a member of your own team. For example, the Legendary Binder is an outstanding solo COM for Maya.
  3. Sounds like your backpack is full. Otherwise, just “swap” with an empty backpack slot.
  4. If you’re looking to grind levels for a while then roflstomp the rest of the game, that’s not how this game works after TVHM. If enemies didn’t scale with you, there’d be no challenge. You can always select NVHM or TVHM on the character select screen if you just want to work on BAR challenges or otherwise not worry about enemies. The point of leveling (to me at least) is to get more skill points so your character can do more interesting things. At level 31 Krieg can have Release the Beast, but at 57 he can have that and Bloodsplosion, for example.

Since you seem to be in UVHM, be very careful about leveling - you need to improve your gear in step with your character level. Enemies will match the latter, so if you end up with gear that’s more than a couple levels below your character, you’re going to have a bad time. The golden chest in Sanctuary can help pull you out of that hole, if you’re in it. The loot train (Marcus Saves Mercenary Day DLC) is also good, or just farm the specific items you want. Tip Moxxi for a new Good Touch, farm Knuckledragger for a Hornet, Savage Lee for a Harold, treants for a Bee, the McNally, Gettle/Mobley, spiderant tubbies run in the Dust to see if you can get a Hammer Buster, Lyuda, Veruc, or random nice stuff from tubbies, for example.


First, ALL of what Worblehat said above. Stole like 90% of my thunder here.

Now, what to do with Eridium after you’ve maxed out everything that Earl will sell you? In addition to what was said above, you can also use it to spawn red loot chests in Digistruct Peak at certain spots. Also keep in mind, that Butt Stallion not only poops out loot, but also is the ONLY legit source in game for gemstone loot. May or may not matter to you, but it’s something to do with all that Eridium. AND you need 5 Eridium to roll 2D20 on the dice chests in TTAoDK, and a double-20 is (IIRC) the only way to get a legendary out of one of them. At any rate, you have a better chance of a higher roll when you roll double dice there. And yes, ALL raid bosses require a small Eridium payment to enter the arena and attempt the fight.

ALL COMs that have a stat buff to all players/characters on a team, also buff that stat for the wearer. Maya has two COMs that do this; Binder and Nurse. Both of them have legendary variants, too, which is nice. Binder buffs everyone’s action skill cooldown (including her own), and Nurse gives everyone a flat-rate health regen (including Maya herself). Both are great choices for late-game coop, and Legendary Binder is a popular pick for solo runs.

You don’t HAVE to swap one-for-one between your inventory and bank. It’s FASTER if you have stuff to go either way, but you can simply swap an item from one into an empty space in the other, assuming you HAVE an empty space there.

Why bother with leveling up, if the enemies level up too? Say, there’s one VERY important thing that happens every time you level up between 5 and 72. You get another skill point to spend! By like level 31 or something, Maya can have either Scorn or Ruin up. By 57-ish, she can have BOTH. And at 72, she can have both AND Converge AND a few more points spent in there somewhere. “What does it all MEAN?!” (Psycho quote there; they are VERY quotable, as crazy people go.) It means that at some point, a siren can use phaselock to draw-in a mob of enemies like a singularity grenade would (without having to use a singularity grenade), and slag them, and have Scorn to slag the next wave of mob while phaselock is cooling down. It means she can do all that, and have Wreck working while phaselock is active, and have Life Tap and Inertia and Kinetic Reflection all working after she kills something, making her pretty much invincible for the next few/several seconds.

Now, ask us why we’d bother with OP levels, if it means that the enemies level up but the player’s character does NOT. :wink:


Thank you all for your answers, they’ve been very informative and helpful! It seems as though even though I’ve made it to UVHM I’m just beginning to discover the possibilities of this game.

Ok, guys what are OP levels? And does the game change when you start getting into them? For example, one guy who made a video said you could get infinity weapons from Doc Mercy in the Digistruct Peak challenge. I’ve been through the TVHM Digistruct Peak challenge a half dozen times and never seen Doc Mercy in there. Also, is it worth it to keep farming TVHM bosses after you have started UVHM? Will you ever get weapons that are worth keeping? And, do you have to buy all the DLC challenges if you want to get the really good weapons or will you eventually get them if you just keep playing UVHM?

OP = Overpower. So OP 1 means enemies are now level (72+1) = 73 and so on. You can get OP0 - OP8 gear, but your character is always level 72. This makes the game progressively more challenging.

Each time you complete Digistruct Peak in UVHM you gain one extra OP level, and more stuff unlocks within the peak as you level up. (That’s why you haven’t seen the bad Doctor in the peak - he won’t spawn until you hit a certain UVHM OP threshold.)

You can load your character in and select any OP level when choosing UVHM. You’ll need to reset your UVHM playthrough periodically to get certain gear at the needed OP level.

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if a person is on Xbox 1 (PS4, etc), the Handsome Collection, then no all DLC’s are included.

If on the Old Gen. Consoles then yes there are a few that are needed (the two level cap DLCs (think one is free), and 1 or 2 others depending on if you want seraph Guns/Gear

With few exceptions, absolutely not, it would actually hurt you if you still got xp from those TVHM bosses. It can be worth doing specific farms at level 50 immediately after killing the Warrior and before actually starting the UVHM playthrough. You don’t have to, but if there’s something specific that you really like and think will help get started in UVHM, go for it. Just bear in mind that any level 50 gear you get will be of dubious value by level 52-53, and completely useless by 54-55. Based on your previous post it sounds like your character is above level 50, so going back to TVHM to farm anything would be a bad idea at this point.

DLCs - you’ll want the four main DLCs just for the content and story. The Marcus Saves Mercenary Day headhunter DLC is also well worth getting. The other four headhunter DLCs are optional, get them if you want them but you’re not missing much if you don’t. You almost certainly have both UVHM packs since you mentioned running Digistruct Peak in TVHM (I didn’t know that was possible - I assumed it was level 72 only!).

the Halloween HH DLC is good for farming tubbies/chubbies, the other 3 are optional

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Once again, thx for all your help and tips.

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To the best of my knowledge you can run DP in any mode but you only get the official OP level gains once you’re at level 72…


Ok, I really need some help here. I guess you were right Worblehat, I leveled myself right out of being able to kill anyone. I’m at level 61 and I have a bunch of level 61 weapons but they have almost no effect on the bandits at all. I can’t even kill a spider ant with the weapons I have. Can you guys give me some ideas on how to get some weapons that will equalize things a bit?

Quickest and easiest solution - spend some golden keys at the chest in Sanctuary. That will get you some decent random purple stuff to get going again. In case you’re unfamiliar with getting more keys, that’s what this topic is all about.

If you’ve tipped Moxxi before for the Bad Touch and some Good Touches, just do so again for an up to date Good Touch. That’s a solid weapon that I’ve used heavily on my characters since mid-TVHM. It should handle bandits nicely for you. Also good for killing Savage Lee for a Harold, treants for Bees, and Mr. Tinder Snowflake for the loot train.

The Lascaux is another effective weapon that’s trivial to keep up to date. If you like, zone in and out of Frostburn Canyon a bunch of times before heading in to pick it up, so you get a nice selection to choose from. :slight_smile:

Also keep an eye on vending machines. You can get by with greens if you absolutely have to and they’re the right item for your character, build, and strategy. For example my Maya hit all the Dr. Zed machines looking for a better absorb shield before she did Sawtooth Cauldron; all she could find was a green one but it sufficed.

Your build is very important in UVHM, so it might be useful to post what you’re working with (looking up-thread, I’m not even sure which character you’re playing, actually) and people can offer suggestions if there’s something you could be doing differently. In my case Maya made a pretty smooth transition from TVHM to UVHM, but my Axton really didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: You can see my thread in his subforum that resulted in some very helpful tips.

Good luck! I’m about to head out of town for the weekend but hopefully this (and advice from other folks here, of course!) will be of some help to you. Happy New Year everyone!

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if I remember right, you can only do the first run through in NVHM and TVHM, as you need to be level 72 to progress to the next run.
I’ve ran it before on some of my low levels but not recent enough to be positive

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You have to be level 72 to open up the OP levels, which you do by progressing through it past the assassins; and you can only do that in the OP levels. So yeah, you’re right: you do need to be level 72 to open up the OP levels because they’ll stay locked at OP 0 otherwise.


Just to make sure, are you using matching elements to enemies weaknesses and applying slag when needed? If you are shooting flesh targets with corrosive weapons - for example - you are likely going to have a bad time.

Thanks for the tips. I got some golden keys from some sites and got some weapons out of the box in Sanctuary. I didn’t even know what that box was for until I started researching golden keys. All I knew was that it kept telling me I couldn’t afford what was in it. I also got the mission from Zed to go get the Eridium gun from Doc Mercy. Then I farmed Doc Mercy until I got some infinity weapons. I got two level 63 and one level 64 infinity guns from him. He seems to drop them pretty often. I only had to farm him 15 or so times to get three infinity pistols.

I did try some different weapons on different bandits and skaggs and bullymongs and Hyperion robots and stuff to see which works the best. You’re right Lammas, slagging regular bandits then using a burn weapon on them works the best. I’m still not sure which ones work the best on skaggs, or armored psychos or others. I’m still working on that.

For a little background I’m a level 64 Axton Commando doing UVHM right now. I didn’t really figure out the skill tree thing until later in the game. I’ve just been picking the skills I thought would be best. Not really concentrating on one particular tree, so I have a LOT of leveling up to do before I can get a shield for my turret or get two turrets. So my turret is getting consistently less effective. The only class mods and relics I can use are turret cool down rates, because I can only use my turret for a few seconds before some goliath or badass nomad smashes it.

I did have one definite question for you guys today. Grenade or rocket jumping! I’ve seen it done in youtube videos and it seems as though you have to learn how to do it in the game in order to get to some areas to get ammo crates or loot crates. I’ve seen some ammo crates on top of some buildings and not been able to figure out how to get up there. I tried rocket jumping and the only thing it got me was a trip to the respawn station. So how do you do it?

Slag then fire, but best to hit them in the mouth when they roar for the critical hit

Slag then corrosive (but throw a shock grenade out if they have a pale blue bar above their yellow health bar). Critical hit locations are the “eye”, shoulders, and hips.

And that last bit gives you a clue as to what to bring to a fight. Red health bar mostly means flesh, so fire weapon. Yellow means armoured, so corrosive. And light blue means shield, so shock.

The only exceptions I can immediately think of are the bosses like Wilhelm, Saturn, and Bunker - their health bars always show as red across the width of the HUD. If you watch carefully when Wilhelm first spawns in, though, you’ll see he momentarily has a regular sized yellow health bar.

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Just visit the nearest respec station- there’s one right outside the fast travel in Sanctuary. As for the class mods try this link and see what you have on hand that can help:

Also, if you have it visit the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day Headhunter dlc, aka the Loot train, each time you gain a level. It contains at least 30+ pieces of gear and can sometimes contain legendary gear (and class mods)…