My BL2 Experience

Glad to hear things are coming together for you. You can always respec your skill tree at the appearance change station. I highly recommend Longbow precisely because otherwise the turret dies so quickly otherwise. The most common approach to Axton is to aim for Double Up and Gemini at the end, so I’d expect that to look something like this at level 64. There’s some flexibility to shuffle points around. Several are there just to be boosted by COMs if you have them. My Axton has a blue Engineer COM boosting Sentry and Battlefront for example, while the point in Expertise is mostly in the hope of someday getting a Legendary Soldier COM. :smile: Some people recommend points in Forbearance since damage over time effects are pretty deadly in UVHM. Having Double Up is incredibly useful for the slag.

Grenade jumping is never necessary that I’m aware of. It can be helpful to bypass stuff - the place I’ve seen it most was in Saturn farming videos to just go straight there over the fence rather than fighting through Fyrestone. You’ll always want to remove your grenade mod before trying, of course. I haven’t seen rocket jumping in this game but I’d assume you’d want the lowest level possible, maybe a level 12 Duuurp or something.

I keep finding new stuff in this game, as do people who have played 10x longer than I have. Chances are that for any seemingly inaccessible chest, there’s another way there, perhaps going past it then working your way back behind, or finding a way to get above it and jump down, etc.

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The most common thing to rocket jump with is the Badaboom. The thing is, to survive it you need a low level one. A level 12 or so Badaboom isn’t going to put a scratch on a high level shield.
For grenade jumping remove your grenade mod. The regular mod isn’t very dangerous for yourself. In both cases jump right before the explosion for max height.

Neither is required anywhere but can make farming some bosses faster or getting through certain areas easier (and faster).

There is one red chest in the Arid Nexus Boneyard right above the last pumping station that seems unreachable unless grenade/rocket jumping is used. Can’t say that I’ve ever tied that method but i know from experience that just regular climbing and jumping won’t get you there…

Well, now that you mention chests there is also another red chest in Hunter’s Grotto only reachable from Ardorton Station entry. Need grenade + speed boosts or rockets. Preferably some combination of all of them. It’s on top of the separate part of the broken bridge that’s in front of you when you enter.

So I guess there is something it’s necessary for but I’d say it’s outside regular gameplay.

Thanks for all your helpful tips guys. I’m going to try resetting my skill points. But it seems to me the game wouldn’t let me pick skills that were lower on the tree until I had done all the higher ones. That’s why I don’t have any of the lower skills like double turrets or turret shields. I’m also going to have to go back to TVHM and get a rocket launcher I can use to see if I can learn how to rocket jump.

You have to spend at least 5 skill points before the next level of skills become available. In order to get Axton’s Phalanx Shield you’d have to be at least level 20 and assigned at least 10 skill points into the Survival tree. In order to get the capstone skill Gemini you have to be at least level 31, which is where most folks finish normal mode. You don’t have to focus on a single tree while in normal but if you really want a Tier 3 or 4 skill in a tree that’s the way to go…

Well, things are looking up! At least it seems that way. I reset my skills and found out that I could get to the bottom of the skill tree without maxing out all the upper skills first. And it didn’t cost that much. I followed the example Warblehat posted of what a level 64 commando skill tree should look like. Man what a difference! My turret is much more effective than it was. Especially since I can hang it on a wall so some bad ass bandit or skagg or robot can’t just smash it. I managed to subdue Bloodwing, only to have that evil Jack blow him up!

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FYI, for all chars, every five skill points spent opens up the next layer. Therefore it’s 25 points to open up the capstone skill, so you don’t have to max out the whole tree. You can also, for example, put 10 points in two level one skills which will open up level three, so you can skip layers if needed.

Thx so much for your all your help. It’s made this game much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

I have another question. Lower level weapons eventually become ineffective at higher levels. But how about mods? For example if I have a level 48 mod that gives me +25% Hyperion weapon damage will it still give me that much more weapon damage even though I’m a level 64? In UVHM a mod that gives me +25% weapon damage might cost $250,000. But I might find one in NVHM for $1250. Or I might find some good legendary weapon or shield mods by farming the Warrior or the Bunker or Terramorphous in NVHM.

Another question: is there any way to pause the game when the splash screens come up with the helpful hints on them? There have been many times I have wanted to read the helpful hint but the screen disappears and the game resumes before I can finish reading it.

Relics and class mods usually depend on level, but some don’t, and they’re less sensitive to level than weapons and shields. You seem to be talking about a Hyperion allegiance relic, and I haven’t done much with those so I can’t answer that specific question. I’ve read that the Deputy’s Badge doesn’t depend on level at all, and one would think that also applies to the Sheriff’s Badge. But Axton usually won’t be using those. The relics I’d want for Axton at level 64 (61+, technically) are the same Bone of the Ancient relics most characters want. Cooldown rate and +% damage with a given element (fire, corrosive, or shock, so you’ll want to carry three Bones with you), what’s not to like? If you haven’t seen any, Legendary Loot Midgets (LLMs) drop them pretty often. The room with the last Doctor’s Orders ECHO is a traditional place to farm them, as is Thousand Cuts once you pick up Rocko’s Modern Strife. Note: don’t complete either of those quests, and don’t pick up any of the Doctor’s Orders ECHOs.

Class mods - the static bonus depends slightly on level, and the skill points do up to a point. You don’t care about anything from NVHM because it will only have +3 to each skill instead of +5s. On the other hand if you have a Legendary Soldier COM from the 50s somewhere, that should be fine. Ditto for good blue or purple COMs, I think they reach maximum skill bonus at or around level 50. By level 64 you probably want to look for legendary COMs; the Leg. Soldier can drop from a lot of places (the loot train would probably be a good place to try), the other legendary COMs only drop from tubbies. There are threads discussing tubby farming elsewhere, but the Dust is a common choice. As noted up-thread the Halloween headhunter DLC is another viable place. Anywhere spiderants, skags, varkids, or skeletons hang out, basically.

Reading the splash screen hints - yeah, I wish I knew a good way to see those. Most of the ones I’ve read have been from bew_'s gearless Zero playthrough videos, since in my own game they flash by so fast that I can only read a few words, if that much. And some are useful even after a few hundred hours of playing… I get the impression that this is a PC “problem” and that the console folks do not feel any sympathy for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

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To add to what @Worblehat said, blue coms can hit +6/+5 skill buffs in the early 50’s and depending on your build can be usable to end game or even the OP levels depending on the percentage buff they give to things like weapon damage, shield recharge rate, etc. The two special examples that he gave of the Deputy and Sheriff’s Badges are a prime example- my first Sal didn’t find a better Sheriff’s Badge to replace his level 48 one until he hit OP8. Again, depending on your build blue and purple coms may be better suited to your build than a legendary one- on my current Krieg- because of his build- I switch between a blue Scream Sickle and Flesh Crunch mod instead of using the L. Psycho, as the L. Psycho only hits 2 of the skills in my build… Addendum- just checked a few of my other OP8 characters and found that my Axton is using a level 28 Sheriff’s Badge…:grinning:

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I had a sheriff’s badge and a deputies badge from NVHM. I don’t know why I sold them . Probably didn’t use them that much and wanted the backpack space for other stuff. I carry around a lot of stuff I hardly ever use. I have some legendary class mods (skin, heart and blood of the ancients, slayer of Terramorphous, a couple of expert soldier mods) but never use them. Once in a while I’ll use the shock mod just so I don’t have to worry about those flying repair constructors that throw shock balls at you. Like I said before, the only mods and relics I use are “cool down” for my turret. But it’s good to know that level 50 mods will work in UVHM.

I have a couple more questions: I have a couple of pistols in my backpack now that I can’t drop or sell. If you put your mouse cursor on the right hand side of the little box that surrounds the picture of them, either a star or an x will appear. It doesn’t seem to matter if the star or the x is there they still won’t let me get rid of them. Have any of you encountered this? How do I get rid of these weapons?

My other question is: I leveled up and when I used my skill point on the “grit” skill in the “survival” skill tree it gave me six points there and said that 5 of those six points came from a Mod I had. Do those 5 points always apply or do I have to be wearing the mod?

You have to be wearing the mod to get the extra skill points, in this case your point man COM is boosting Grit. That’s one of the main purposes/features of class mods, in many cases more than the passive bonuses from the COM.

You can’t sell quest items so you have to finish the quest to get rid of them, or they will clear when you advance to the next playthrough. There’s so much sweet loot in the game that it’s useful to have a storage character (or twelve). On some platforms you can do this splitscreen, on others you have to use Claptrap’s stash which is annoying because it’s slow and requires you to take the storage character through the story to get to Sanctuary.

The star and x are favourite and trash, respectively. When you go to a vendor there’s an option to “Sell all trash” on the very first screen. (On XB1 at least that option disappears if you go to the “Sell” tab, but it’s there on the “Buy” tab when you first open the vendor.)

As @ChemicalConundrum said, if you can’t sell it, it’s probably a mission item (should have a different coloured border around the slot in your inventory). That said, there aren’t too many mission items in BL2: the blaster for the Doc Mercy quest part 2, the elemental weapons from Marcus during “Rock Paper Genocide”, and the Grog Nozzle from DLC4 (a Claptrap side quest involving drunk dwarves and beards…) Did I miss any? The only one of those I keep is the Grog Nozzle.

There’s also the fire weapon for the Clan Wars burning trailer quest and maybe one other, but I was thinking that was the only reason an item couldn’t be sold.

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Once again, tks a lot for your help and your answers to my questions. I have another question. Weapon damage points. If I have a shotgun(or pistol or assault rifle etc.) that has 120,000 damage points is that better or equal or not as good as a gun that has 20,000 X 6 damage points?

If they’re both shotguns (almost typed “shotfuns”!) it would depend on the spread (accuracy) and ammo consumption per firing. That’s assuming that both have the same or similar fire rates and reload times as well… Comparing guns is a bit of an art at times. As I’ve mentioned before, testing both in combat is probably the surest way of reaching a decision.

One of the most interesting things about BL2 is the weapon variety. It’s not your standard list of stock guns with clear DPS stats. What’s on the card (the weapon picture with stats) is often incomplete or misleading, or, in a few rare cases, even flat out wrong. Therefore, it’s best to take an unknown weapon out for a test drive to see how it fares compared to other gear. This is doubly true if it has red text (Legendaries, some Blues, and a few Purples). Also, once you get more skill points, you’ll find that certain weapon types work better with certain characters or different builds within the same character. It’s easy to get sucked into the damage number on the card, but it’s far from the whole story in this game.

What @ChemicalConundrum said. When I first started playing this game I sold what are considered top tier weapons as soon as I found another that did more raw damage (Pimpernel and Sand Hawk specifically). Always try a weapon first to see if you like it or to discover any hidden properties it might have…

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