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Ok, tks for the replies. I’m trying to get this weapon thing figured out. Trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of because my back pack is always full now. Carlton, I have a Hawk. But I don’t like it. It’s an orange weapon and I thought it was going to be a really ripper upper. But I’ve used it quite a few times and it’s really disappointing. I put it in the bank. I’ve watched a lot of videos about the best weapons in BL2 and most of them I’ve never heard of (except in youtube videos).

Ok, I have another question. Elemental damage. If I have a gun that’s a shock weapon and it has 80,000 damage points will it do as much damage as a gun that is not a shock weapon with added shock damage?

The Sand Hawk Carlton_Slayer was referring to is a blue weapon, so that’s probably not the gun you’re talking about. It’s a quest reward in the Captain Scarlett DLC, so on the one hand it’s very easy to get, but on the other hand you’re probably better off waiting until 72 to pick up that quest so that you can use it at max level.

Don’t worry too much about the “best” guns until you reach 72. There are a ton of very good guns that are much easier to acquire, and those are what you want until then. If you have specific needs and don’t know what would be a good fit, feel free to ask here.

This page (scroll down to the BL2 section, particularly the “True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode elemental damage coefficients” table) should help explain under what circumstances a given element is good or bad, and by how much. For your specific question, comparing a shock weapon with 80k card damage and a non-elemental weapon with 80k card damage, the shock weapon will be much better against shields, and a bit better overall thanks to the DOT chance. On the other hand that’s not a fair comparison because non-elemental guns almost always have higher base damage. And what you really want to do is match elements, use fire vs. flesh, corrosive vs. armor, shock vs. shields.

If you happen to be farming a particular boss for an item, that’s a great time to do some controlled testing of other gear you’d like to compare.

Regarding backpack space - it’s a bit of a nuisance, but making a new character (or several) and getting them to Sanctuary will let you load their backpacks and bank space with your excess gear. I gather there are tricks one can pull on consoles to quickly load them up with eridium, too.

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I take my mules to visit the Ancient Dragons, as it takes roughly 1250 eridium to max out your bank and backpack…

Don’t worry too much about the “best”, the game can be played with a lot of gear. It’s more about finding out what type of stuff you like, the excitement of finding a new legendary randomly (sometimes from a red chest) and trying it out. Were you referring to the blue rarity Sandhawk? It’s really strong, but if you didn’t like it, you can come back to it on a higher difficulty mode where it’s a useful boss killer with the bee shield. There’s many other great SMG’s.

Elemental damage is on top of the base damage for some duration. Usually elemental weapons have lower base damage than their elemental counterparts, but the elemental damage makes up for it and then some against the correct enemy type. At lower levels, element matching is less necessary. Slag weapons usually do much lower damage.

Thanks for the responses. The reason I ask this question in particular is because of the backpack issue. I have like 5 or six pistols and 5 sniper rifles and four or five smg’s because I have one for fire and one for slag and one for corrosive and one for shock and one for just bang power etc. So I thought if the corrosive weapon had the same bang power than the weapon I’m using specifically for bang power I could get rid of some of the weapons. It’s kind of a pain in the butt to have to stop the game and open my inventory and try to decide what I’m willing to throw away every single time I run across something I want to pick up.

And Worblehat, you were right, it was not a Hawk I got it was an Emperor. A Deft Emperor specifically. I do like SMG’s for their rate of fire and reload speed. I got a great “Bitch” from the bunker in TVHM but it’s a level 50 weapon so it just doesn’t have the damage to be useful anymore. It’s hard to find a good SMG that has a lot of damage. It seems like for some reason some weapons seem to be just not very effective. It’s been really difficult to find a good assault rifle and rocket launcher. I was having a really hard time with a Super Bad Ass Varkid and I had gotten a rocket launcher that had 1.4 million damage. I hit that thing with three point blank shots and it’s health bar didn’t move hardly at all.

I do have a Maya character that I played up till level 8. But I didn’t like the little ball she would throw at enemies. I much preferred the turret so I continued with the Axton character. I’ll have to get Maya to Sanctuary so I can use her bank and backpack space. I’ll probably be posting a lot of questions here about how to do that.

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It’s quite simple to transfer items with mules, just put 4 in Claptrap’s stash then swap back and forth using that. Also, you have some mid-tier gear that you could just sell, so there’s no need to keep all of what you currently have. Looking at the list you posted earlier, you could easily sell half to 2/3’rds of that, though I’m sure your gear set has changed a lot since then.

If you are in UVHM and have a decent boss killer, basically a Bee shield and something that goes well with it, you can do some Snowman runs and upgrade your gear. @DemoniteBL has a youtube video where he uses Longbow turret to stick behind Snowman on a wall and distract him, so maybe you could do that if you don’t have a Bee shield. Hyperion and Maliwan plasma casters are great SMG’s to look for and he always drops two rocket launchers in the chest. Over X number of runs, one of those will likely be decent. You might get a Legendary Soldier class mod to drop too if you don’t have one already.

What’s your build look like (you can use to show us your spec and then paste the link. I’m not a very knowledgeable Axton player, but fortunately there’s a number of people here who are.

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You’ve got the right idea; cover all the elements, but you can and should get rid of ones that are redundant. For any given weapon type I don’t see why one would ever have more than three guns (four if you use one for slagging). Either fire/corrosive/shock, or you’ve got a non-elemental gun that’s better than at least one of those three (possibly all of them, in which case you just carry that one gun instead). Also for specialty roles you don’t need a lot of spares - I never carry more than one slag gun, and very rarely more than one shock gun.

Only carry gear that you plausibly expect to use. Something like the following is what I typically do on all my characters: mid-range guns - fire, corrosive, shock, sometimes slag; close range guns - usually explosive or non-elemental (Harold, Torgue shotgun, Jakobs shotgun, or a rocket launcher); a sniper or two if I think the character can get some use out of it, but since snipers take a fair bit of work to one-shot enemies in UVHM I don’t usually carry much in this category. So that’s a total of about 8ish guns to carry, four of which are equipped at any given time. Maybe add a few more if you’re worried about running low on a particular ammo type (swap to a fire pistol or AR if your fire SMG is running dry, maybe) and I’m at 10-12, not a big hit to the backpack space. Same idea with grenades and shields, usually four of the former and 2-3 of the latter (adaptive, absorb, Bee). So typically my backpack is at 12-15 out of 39, plenty of room for loot!

I guess our tastes diverge on the Emperor, I love that gun. :smiley: You have to aim down the sights to be effective with it (as with all Dahl guns), but it’s impressively accurate so you can lay full bursts on the crit spot from quite decent range. I’d rather have a Bitch (congrats on that one!) but the only one I’ve ever found was a Fatale (basically a cryo Bitch) in TPS…

Re: good ARs - I really like the Hammer Buster. Legendary Jakobs AR, do the Bane side-quest, then farm McNally in the Dust. I haven’t used it on Axton so it might not be as awesome with him as with Maya, but it should still be pretty good if you like Jakobs ARs. The Veruc has a good reputation as an anti-loader gun, and that’s also part of a Dust farm run. And although the Lyuda is a sniper rifle, functionally it can feel more like a very heavy AR with its large magazine and fast rate of fire. Drawing from the small sniper ammo pool is a negative there. Also a Dust farm (Veruc and Lyuda can drop from Mobley and Gettle after completing the Good the Bad and the Mordecai side quest).

I’ve had that same problem with rocket launchers. Probably that SBA Varkid wasn’t slagged, but still, you’d think the RL would do better. I’ll still use one in FFYL, but it may or may not get me up.

In short, he’s saying don’t be like me- my current new Krieg has nearly a dozen class mods in his backpack, including multiples of Blood Blisters (purple and blue), Flesh Crunch, Scream Sickle, etc. About the only class mod he has a single one of is the L. Psycho, which I don’t even use because I only specced into two of its six skills. If you find yourself using one or two items more so than any others- despite the number of items you might have to choose from- sell of the excess and make room for more gear (eventaully I’ll follow my own advice- eventually :grin:)…


LOL Carlton…yeah I have seven or 8 class mods I carry around because I just have so much trouble deciding which ones I should get rid of. It’s a constant irritation I can only use one at a time. I have both legendary soldier and legendary engineer and carry both around because I think I’ll use one for it’s skills and the other because it has different skills. But I usually end up just using the cool down mod.

Ok I got my Maya character to Sanctuary and found Claptraps treasure and opened Rolands vault. I expected to find more than four slots in Claptraps treasure box because my Axton character already has four slots with a level 8 or 9 pistol in there just to have something in there. But she only found four empty slots. So…how does my Axton character use her Claptrap treasure slots and her bank slots and her backpack?

Also, I watched a youtube video of someone farming the Warrior and he was at level 75. So do extra levels come with DLC, beyond 72?

That sounds like the key point right there. I could see Axton carrying the two legendary class mods you mentioned since both are great. The other six you’re carrying are probably unnecessary though.

If your Axton sees that level 8ish pistol in Claptrap’s Stash, but your Maya doesn’t, that’s very strange. To be clear, Claptrap’s Stash is always four slots, with no way to expand it. But the contents are shared to your player profile not to any individual character so both characters should see that gun you put in there. Don’t confuse Claptrap’s Stash with your bank in Crimson Raider HQ - the latter can be expanded with Eridium, and cannot be accessed by another character. Only the four-slot stash in that side alley where Claptrap hangs out can be accessed by all your characters.

How to use your Maya mule - have Axton put things into Claptrap’s Stash, then load as Maya and take them out. Store in her bank or her backpack as you see fit. Running around Sanctuary with her opening all the containers will gradually get you Eridium to buy her more storage (as Carlton_Slayer already mentioned, there are faster methods on consoles, but I think I remember you’re on PC?). I sometimes pass down a high level junk weapon for the mule to sell, funding a lot of pulls on the slot machines since that’s a way to convert cash to Eridium. It’s slow and unreliable, but you’ll get some that way if you want to put in the time.

Characters cannot gain levels above 72, enemies can. The OP levels earned from completing Digistruct Peak at endgame raise enemy levels by one each, up to +8. So a normal enemy could be level 80, and bosses start at a bit above character level so they might go a bit higher. The Warrior is normally two levels above (52 at the end of TVHM for example) so it sounds to me like you saw an OP1 video. My understanding is that the maximum possible level for any enemy in the game is an iron golem (Tina DLC) leveling itself up during combat to the point of becoming an Iron God, level 92. Obviously I’m taking the wiki’s word for that since I’m in no position to try it. I also have no inclination to do so!

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The Legendary Soldier COM is the one that’s used most of the time by most of the Axton players. Grenadier is good for certain builds - I will use it for raid bosses sometimes. I have a Shock Trooper for goofing around with. The Leg Engineer is just not worth it unless you had nothing else.

But guns and grenades…I have every slot maxed out with those. Because Axton uses almost every gun and grenade well, I use every one I come across. The balance is I don’t get the same gun in different elements. So only one Sandhawk, Lady Fist, Pimpernel, Badaboom,etc. I don’t even pay much attention to shields with him - I have 3. That’s just me and what I’ve chosen for that character.

Given that you are still levelling though, the decision to dump a gun is simplified. Just wait til you’re OP - the decisions become harder!

Some other characters’ gear choices become slightly more specific so it’s easier to have a lighter backpack. However those characters also have much more interesting COMs (Krieg) so you end up filling up your backpack with those ; or shields (Gaige) ; or relics (Sal).


Just to add to this a bit- it may seem obvious (especially considering the number of mules I’ve created) but in order to use Claptrap’s Secret Stash you have to speak to him and do his quest- doing it with one character only unlocks it for that character. Each new VH you create will have to do that missions themselves in order to unlock the stash. Like I said, it may seem obvious but I’ve actually forgotten to do that a time or two…

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Thanks for the replies you guys. I did find out that I had forgotten I took that gun out of Claptraps stash so I was mistaken about that. I tried it again and it worked just fine. I gave Maya all my old legendary weapons from TVHM. So it will be awhile till she can use them lol.

I watched a youtube vid about the best way to farm Doc Mercy for infinity pistols and it worked great. I was determined to get some new ones since mine were level 63 and 64 and I was at level 69. I found out that it is a great way to level up and get money. Over the weekend I spent about ten or 12 hours just farming him and leveled up to 72 and got about 30 million dollars. I was determined to keep farming him until I got a burn pistol and a corrode pistol. It took about that long to get them. I got about a dozen regular bang infinity pistols (rapids mostly) So I just kept the most powerful one.

Now that I’m level 72 do I keep getting points like I did when I was leveling up? There are a lot of skills that are still at 1 or 0. I did finally get 2 turrets. Woohoo! Do any of the weapons you find go higher than level 72 and can you use them?

I picked up some mods that are specific to a certain gun manufacturer and say “Acc Recovery”. One of them is for Vladov weapons. What does that mean? If it’s not something that will help a lot I’ll sell them.

I’ll be posting more questions here I’m sure.

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72 is the max level for your character so no more skill points.

If you want more challenge / higher level gear head to Digistruckt peak. If you go through it on a level 72 character you’ll unlock OP1. Then you can exit out of the game and select OP1 on re-entry and go for OP2 and so forth. I think it was explained earlier but OP levels keep leveling up enemies and gear so the game gets harder the further you go.

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If you watch your targeting cross-hairs you’ll notice that they get wider when you sprint, then slowly go back to normal when you stop. Similarly, with some weapons you’ll see them get further apart as you hold the trigger down, then recover when you stop firing. That latter bit is accuracy recovery at work: the further apart the lines of your sight are, the worse your accuracy; “Acc Recovery” just makes them go back to the most accurate setting faster.

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Sometimes people will talk about allegiance characters, like a Maliwan Mechromancer, or Torgue Commando, etc. They limit themselves to only gear from one manufacturer, and usually use the corresponding allegiance relic like your Vladof one for obvious reasons.

They won’t help make your character more powerful, but if that kind of self-limitation setup sounds like it might interest you later you might hang onto the relic. If it’s white or green, probably dump it, but blue ones are pretty rare…

Congrats on 72!

I’d recommend focusing on side quests and DLCs for a good long time before worrying about the Peak and OP levels.


Exactly. Just enjoy the game. If it feels like it’s no longer challenging, then look into doing Digistruct Peak runs to open up higher OP levels. Just remember you’ll need to upgrade your weapons and gear about every 2 or 3 OP levels.


Agreed, especially if your not sure about your build at this point. You wanna be able to handle things pretty well before you get into OP levels. I believe that’s why a lot of people struggle with it, you need to have a decent build and a good set of gear. If you just jump in all willy nilly your prob gonna end up frustrated pretty quickly when it come to the Peak…

Good to hear you found a rhythm and have been cruising through to 72 with those infinity pistols you like. In terms of gear/build questions, it helps if you show your build, pasting a link from along with the class mods you are using to modify your skills. As others have said, when you are ready for some more challenging gameplay, start the digistruct levels. L72 gear should last four to five levels on digistruct so you don’t have to worry about re-farming on every run through.

To add to what others have said about gear- weapons and shield specifically, should be upgraded as needed. Relics and class mods might last thru till OP8- heck, I’m still using a level 28 Sheriffs Badge on my OP8 Sal. Just speaking from my own personal experience I’d say that:

Level 72 = OP2 (or OP3 depending on the weapon)
OP3 = OP5
OP5 = OP6 (or OP7, again depending on the weapon)
OP7 = OP8

Your BAR can make a difference too- whether or not to increase it is up to you (I stopped at 25%)…