My BL2 Experience

Tks again for the info and advice. I posted my skill set here:

I seem to be missing 5 skill points however. I only got 67. Maybe that’s all you get, I don’t know. I am as unsure about what skills to use as I am what guns or mods to keep or sell!

Tks for clueing me in on Acc Recovery. I forgot to check what color mod it is while I was getting my skill set. I’ll have to check that. I have two of them. And Carlton, what does BAR mean?

I probably won’t go on to OP levels until this one gets so easy it’s not a challenge anymore as Warblehat says it will probably be a good long while lol.

That’s correct. You get no points until level 5, and the first point has to go into your base action skill which isn’t shown on

That point in Laser Sight should go some place else. The skill is not worth it. I’d put it in Battlefront.

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I agree with @VaultHunter101, you’re also getting very little out of 1 point in Forbearance and Grit. Forbearance is probably completely unnecessary without going into OP levels, and Grit needs solid point investment before it’ll actually do anything noticeable. More points in Battlefront would definitely improve your DPS with your turret out.

As far as weapons and gear go, use what feels comfortable for you. Axton has a bunch of skills that boost explosive weaponry, but don’t feel like you’re pidgeonholed into using only that gear. Experiment and find what’s fun!

BAR =Badass Rank. Right-most tab in your inventory. You get ranks for completing various challenges, which translate into points you can spend to boost various stats (maximum health etc.) I have ~150k, which gives me an across-the-board of ~20% in every BAR perk.

My skill set was completely different until Warblehat posted what a level 64 commando skill set should look like. I copied that one and reset my skill points. For the most part it was better. I got a double gun turret with a shield and slag. Which I could also hook to walls and ceilings and throw it way off so the enemies would have to turn their backs to me to fight it. It helped tremendously. But since then I’ve just been adding my points to things I thought would be helpful. But it’s difficult to know unless you do a lot of work testing different skills. I’ll have to do that.

Warblehat, my Acc Recovery mods are both blue ones. I have one for Torgue weapons and one for Vladov. Both are quite high, like +79% for the Torgue one. I can’t remember the stats on the Vladov one. It has another benefit to it but I can’t remember what it is. I’ll have to try using them.

And for those BAR points. I hadn’t gotten any to use for a long time. I wondered why so started looking at it. The only one I have left apparently is shooting Bullymong projectiles out of the air. I’ve only gotten like 60 out of 150 or something like that. So I guess I’ll have to go see Sir Hammerlock in Moxxis and go Bullymong hunting.

If you really want that challenge done just find a bullymong slinger, kill the other bullymongs and shoot his rocks out of the air for 10 minutes or something. You don’t need to go out of your way for a single challenge like that but if you want to do it that’s the easiest way.

BAR is usually best progressed by just playing the game with multiple different types of weapons since a lot of them are tied to killing different enemies or killing with different weapons. You can also “prestige” your characters BAR challenges once enough challenges are done. This resets the progress in the challenges so you can keep getting more BAR on the same character if you want to.

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You might find this helpful:

Lots more resources in the Axton sub-forum - just check the community guide pinned to the top of that section for links.

Tks for the replies. One quick question. Does the Warrior still drop conference calls? I killed the Warrior and Jack and freed Lilith. Then went back and farmed the Warrior half a dozen times (after I killed Hunter Hellquist a dozen times and finally got a better Bee). But the Warrior never dropped a Conference Call. I had four of them from TVHM but of course they don’t have the damage to be useful anymore.

Tks for the Axton Skill Guide Vault Hunter 101. I’m going to have to spend some time reading that.

Yes. Along with the Flakker, Impaler, Volcano, Jack’s Head, and Leech. Unless you’re moonshot farming, there’s a 1 in 10 chance of getting a drop which in turn could be any one of those items. So on average about a 1 in 60 chance of the CC. A number of folks farm the Handsome Sorcerer from TTAoDK because he has the same loot pool but is much faster to get to and farm. I’m not sure you get as much eridium from him though?

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I killed the Warrior today probably a dozen times. I did get a Leech, and an assault rifle called a Rhythmic Kerblaster. But those were the only orange weapons I got. I also got Jacks head. Good to know I can still get a conference call. It takes a long time to kill that Warrior.

Another question: Is the loot chest in Sanctuary the best way to use Golden Keys? I’ve used about 30 golden keys there and all the weapons I’ve gotten out of it have been pretty ho hum.


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The Kerblaster is a neat gun. I’ve enjoyed using it with Krieg, and it should work well with Axton too. That must have been a world drop, since normally it’s from Midgemong, not the Warrior.

The chest in Sanctuary is the only place to use keys. You’ll get purples, but if you’re looking for legendaries the chest is not going to help you. Probably best to save your keys for whenever your next character hits a rough patch.

The bullymong projectile challenge is the first one I do on each character. Just stop the runner (use the machine gun version) in the tunnel on the way to Sanctuary and blast projectiles until you’re done. Quick and easy BAR points from a level 7-8 character. :smiley:

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I like doing it while doing the mission Cleaning Up the Berg- the bullymong in the gully always throw rocks, and if you position yourself just right you can blast the rocks w/o getting hit…


I went through the list of BAR challenges on the right of the screen when you open them and found out that there are actually a lot of challenges I have not completed. A few that come to mind are killing enemies with bouncing betty grenades and mirv grenades and anything to do with co-op team mates. When I tried using grenades at the first of the game I found out that I liked the singularity grenades and the ones that steal health and bring it back to you. So I only kept those kinds. So naturally I haven’t reached the max of killing enemies with other types of grenades because I don’t use them. And I don’t play with other players on line so I haven’t done anything with any of those challenges. After Quake 3, I quit playing on line games.

Vault Hunter 101, what is moonshot farming? The way I farm the Warrior is to go down to the arena area and get killed. That way the Warrior is out. Then I can just run down to the bottom of the stone stair case but not jump off the bottom one. The Warrior and the Crystalisks don’t come up there so I can just shoot the Warrior with my infinity pistol until he dies. Then run down and pick up the loot. That’s why I said it takes a long time to kill him. Once in a while I can kill him without getting killed but not very often.

Moonshot farming is something that you can do during the story mission only. When you initially kill the Warrior, Lilith suggests you call down a moonshot just to be sure. There’s a short window between the moonshot hitting (triggering the main loot drop) and the script advancing to the next step. So you can grab some loot, save/quit/restart, and hit the moonshot cannon again. Since you get a guaranteed legendary in that drop during the story, you can get a few. There’s a link to a video and more detail in the relevant section here:

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With BAR, I find that the only challenges I consciously complete are the ones for each specific map (Cult of the vault and the like). The others…meh. But they are a great way to nudge you into doing things differently like your grenades. They are a perfect example of a way to overhaul play style : for applying slag, for healing, for damage, for stacks ; and using other gear to fill the void.

If you really want to grind the kill x enemies with y weapon BAR challenges, just go into normal mode with a UVHM char because you can one shot everyone.

There are several quicker ways to farm the warrior. Grab a bee shield and make sure you aren’t spec’d into Hellborn (or that you are using a non elemental weapon if you are). Kill yourself at the start of the fight and you can cheese him from the top before you drop down. Only Rakk you accidentally shoot can hit you from there. You can also do something similar in the shelter to the left of the starting area but you have to intermittently kill crysaliks as well. A bee and anything strong and on level should take him down easily enough though it is tedious.

During the main story finale (or when farming the Warrior in general) there are several ‘safe’ zones that the Warrior can’t reach with his attacks. The one I found out about from another thread on this forum is this: when facing the moonshot console turn left. There will be a pathway that extends towards a Hyperion weapons cache (just like the one behind the moonshot console). Follow that path and stay just on the other side of the short tunnel you go thru. The rising lava won’t hit you and the only real enemy are the lava crystalisks (which are more nuisance than danger) or any rakk you might shoot. You can avoid all of the Warriors attacks and should finish him off much more quickly…

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Yes, that’s what I was referring to when I said the shelter on the left. The Warrior can still hit you with one tail slam and with his fire attack when he’s on that side. The one tail slam is manageable and you can stand behind a pillar to dodge the fire attack. Rakk can’t hit you as they can’t get an angle to get in the sheltet. The crystalisks can break your bee, however and have to be dealt with, so I think it’s faster to kill yourself and cheese him from the top, especially after you’ve got your crystalisk and critical
hit BAR challenges done.

Tks for the replies and advice! I’ll have to try the shelter to the left of the moonshot console. I’ve been doing what Chemical Conundrum said. Only I haven’t been killing myself lol. Get killed then run down to the bottom of the stone staircase but don’t jump off the last step. Then you only have to worry about the occasional Rakk hitting you. They break your Bee for a few seconds. I have the same trouble with Hunter H (whatever his name is…I can’t remember it!) and the Bee. Even with my level 50 bee I couldn’t kill that guy. So I’d end up dying and then going after him with my car. I can usually run him down and then finish him off. The cars have mega more fire power if you have your bee enabled when you drive them.

Ok I have another question: I got a weapon and below the stats in the description area it says; -89% Accuracy. In the stat area it says Accuracy 92%. So does that mean that it has almost no accuracy? Am I not understanding that correctly?

And Lammas, what does it mean to “prestige” your characters BAR challenges? How do you do it?