My BL2 Experience

TS Elliot? Well well. I’m impressed.

I used to be into reading sci-fi novels and I remember him being quoted in a favourite Iain M Banks book of mine :grin:

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Two books got their titles from that single couplet. Look to Windward and Consider Phlebas.

Mr. Banks’s (RIP) Culture series is, well, awesome.


Ok guys, I had something weird happen to me today. I was playing a new Gaige character and right after the Firehawk tried to transport me into the Bloodshot stronghold my infinity pistol stopped working. Other pistols work fine, but my infinity pistol showed O of 200 ammo. It’s supposed to show 1, so I thought I had run out of ammo and bought some, but that didn’t fix the problem. So I tried to reload it but it wouldn’t reload. I took her to Sanctuary and traded out the pistol she had for another that a mule was carrying, but it didn’t work either.

Any ideas?

Do have ANY skills in “Smaller, Lighter, Faster”?
If you do, the infinity pistol, then ANY weapon with a magazine of 1 will not work with that skill.

If that is the problem, you can so one of two things:
1: Respec and avoid every weapon with a magazine of one, then 2:respec again to use any weapon weapon with a magazine size of one.

Yeah Gaige a very minor PITA with this skill.

Worse when you have shotgun and a super high Anarchy skill “+250” and you can’t hit the broadside of a barn, but when you finally hit something it does amazing damage.

And when Gaiges Anarchy skill is that super high, the things she says is pretty funny.


Thank you, that worked! Excellent!

If you’re set on using the Infinity later on, the Tiny Tina DLC features the Necromancer class mod for Gaige.

The prefix “neutral” on it gives a bonus to magazine size, allowing Gaige to circumvent the effect of Smaller, Lighter, Faster, making it possible to use the Infinity.