My BL3 christmas wish list

hi there. I wanted to drop my christmas wish list for BL3 too :

weapons & other gear :

  • switchable melee weapons, different melee weapon types to loot, etc (i.e. melee weapons become a new gear type… just imagine the awesome references for unique and legendary melee weapons…).
  • permanent unremovable buffs (like torchlight’s gems and enchantments) so when you really like a piece of gear you can personalise it.
  • more grenade-launcher type rocket launchers.
  • re-balanced rifles (they’ve been too weak in BL2 and BLTPS, except the Torgue ones)
  • fuel-based weapons (flamethrower, electric cloud machine, acid super-soaker, etc)
  • bring back Atlas gear ! but extremely rare since the manufacturer is gone (e.g. only unique and legendary).
  • more apealing low-quality gear. I felt like past level 15-20 I don’t even bother checking white and green gear specs. there could be some surprise rare odd additional bonuses on low level gear like the “red text” bonuses, but a different color since red text is only for unique and legendaries.


  • lootable parts : engine, armor, wheels, guns… with the same rarity code as regular gear, and additional effects for legendary and unique parts.
  • more vehicle-based stuff : races, arenas, vehicle-based maps and missions
  • 2 switchable modes of control : classic BL (aim = steer, great for combat), and GTA-like (more classic, better for driving)


  • several very different paths in the main quest. so we don’t have to do the exact same main quest at each playthrough.
  • scenarized playable-character-specific sidequests so you learn more about them (instead of the hidden ECHOs). (so that would force the devs to add extra quests with every character DLC mouahahahahaha !!!)
  • possibility to skip TVHM.


  • more raid bosses : one per major animal species, human faction and robot type.
  • “rogue-like” gauntlets : start with no equipment and no skill, go through random rooms with random enemy encounters, with some occasional badasses and mini-bosses, and a few real bosses, and loot some temporary gear and skills all along the gauntlet (skills could even be from other characters, or completely new ones, since they’re only temporary for the duration of the gauntlet it’s ok)… yup, played too much TBOIR, and I think that a similar rogue-like structure + BL’s universe, mobs, and mechanics + nice loot to win at the end = endless endgame. (and actually a huge motivation to finish the game and unlock it with each character). if randomization is well managed it could even be not boring at all, contrarily to arenas.

characters :

  • a quadzerker
  • a gun engineer that boosts particular specs of guns in extreme ways (e.g. 3 skill trees focused on sniping, short range power, or crazy rate of fire and ammo regen)
  • a drone-based character that spawns… midgets, (in interesting fashions as you progress in the skill tree : rocket propellered midgets, fixed midget defense towers, suicide midgets…)
  • Grandma Flexington as a tank/melee/explosion character !!!