My body is ready

I’m so damn hyped!!! But JESUS the launch day of the Handsome Collection is gonna be a CLUSTERFUCK between crossing over yours saves to the current gen, updating the game(cause you know it’s coming) and now this MASSIVE dlc added that’ll need to be downloaded as well wooo my body is ready THANK YOU CLP-GD!!! *

Yea i really really can’t wait

Dang, this thread has one extremely ready body! Better watch out, Discourse may say your body is invalid.

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But is your body ready for ppl complaining? I bet they find something to complain about…

Just ignore them.

Feels bad man

Do I need 10 extra levels? Nope. Do I have to use them? Nope. It’s still choice… Still waiting for a patch for my backpack, bank SDUs and my damn respawning bosses!!! My body will transcend into Claptastic Voyage!!!

@Psychichazard We need an anguish card, stat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think swearing is permitted in this forum, be prepared for a stern warning from the mods. You might want to change it before they see it.

People swear in the Random Talk thread all the time and never get in trouble… Me included.

I hope the new DLC is on the Handsome Collection disc.

They already said its not on disc but part of the package so you can download it.

Well ■■■■ me you ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■. I see the profanity filter is active but does not have a complete list of words but generally you get the idea they don’t want you to swear or be creative about doing it.

I missed that announcement, thanks for the heads up.

Yea if if a mod hasn’t gotten in touch with me to change it when it’s pretty obvious no harm was meant in the use of it… It’s fine then

As far as swearing, if you say a word that shouldnt be said (and there are words that shouldnt be used) you will know.
For now, there are certain word combos that dont get censored while others may. But it dosnt seem to be a huge deal. Just dont go crazy spammy with it :wink:

I had to restrain myself from posting George Carlin’s 7 dirty words :stuck_out_tongue:

Please dont. I know you wont, but…Dont lol!

Working on anguish bingo…