My Boldur thank you letter to Gearbox

What can I say Gearbox, I’ve played in both betas now and the one thing I’ve always loved about your games is the vibrant roster that follows and this title is no exception.

And on that note, thank you, sincerely for making Boldur. At first glance he appeared right up my alley visually speaking. But after playing him for about 50+ games and getting to know him and his lore better. I can safely say that he is one of my favorite characters in gaming period.

Here’s a few just small facts about what I look for when I choose a MOBA main (or any game with a large roster of playable characters):

-Nature themed
-Equally capable of being able to get in enemies face and getting between my team and enemies and keep them safe
-A self heal.
-Short (I have a complex, sue me!)
-Anything to do with bears! (My GT is lmabear for a reason)

Those of you who have read his lore or played him and know how he fights will realize that it seems this character was almost made for me. And even was enough reason to compel me to preorder, even renewing some of my enthusiasm for gaming in general.

So Gearbox, even though he may not be a poster child, a mass appeal favorite, or the one that stands out to the majority of players. I appreciate every ounce of detail and character in Boldurs design and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and will look forward to bashing squishes off of sniper posts into my team when the game launches!



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He is a great Dwarf, a mix of conventional and unique (more wood than stone) I’ve also shared similar feelings on the matter, i only play Dwarves in games, i collect games just that have Dwarves playable in them! Wish he got more recognition as the leader of the Eldrid, Thorn seems to be the poster child for Eldrid instead because they gotta have a edgy sexy character with too much attitude for the kids >_> typical really.
Wouldnt be the first time i bought a game JUST because of the Dwarf. Dwarves are NEVER a mass-appeal type but have very die hard followers.

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