My Borderlands 3 game on PS4 is corrupted entirely

I play the game yesterday and everything was normal got off to go to work, came back home that night to turn on the game to an error telling me that the game is corrupted and to delete it and redownload it from the library so I did then after doing so proceeded to play the game. When I finally got into the game the game said that the user settings cannot be saved please try again with the try again button.
So I press the try again button and the same thing happens over and over so I proceeded to go to my saved data in system storage to try to delete the character and the user settings, it wouldn’t delete and I tried to redownload the older version of the character in settings in the cloud and it wouldn’t let me do it now I can’t play the game at all nor delete it.

Funny thing is when i go to the saved game and data in storage … Theres no corrupted files anywhere

Where can I complain to the business, cause I’m about to go on social media and blast them for this on all my families social media’s?

Idk tbh they havent got back to me still

I feel you man im in the same situation i have 58 hours worth of gameplay and about 10 on my second character i was starting and now i just lost it all all my progress and all my legendaries

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Get mad every time i load it up lmfao

Ever since suffering a painful loss in BL1 I made it a habit to back up my saves to USB if not every session then every couple of days so I feel your pain.

Is there any chance your cloud saves may be intact? Maybe try restoring from there after reinstalling the game.