My Borderlands 3 is broken, please help

I booted up this game last night for the first time in maybe 3 weeks and when I hit “Continue” the game puts me back in the very beginning fresh off the bus. I still have all my weapons, skins and skill tree from where I left off but I can’t seem to fast travel to where I last left off.

Its like I’m starting a new game but still have all of my stuff with me.

Am I the only one who’s had this issue?? What’s the fix???

FYI I’ve never finished the game so I don’t believe I’m in True Vault Hunter mode.

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You can check in the main menu if you are in normal or true. Otherwise your save might be glitched.

Where in the menu would I see that?

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Also sometimes if you load up and you were in another person’s session last, it might start you off in the “straight off the bus” section but you should be able to fast travel still. Try going to Sanctuary and save/quitting from there.

As stated above, check to make sure you didn’t go from Normal to True Vault Hunter mode (or vice-versa)

Good Luck.

I was in my friends game last time I played but I have tried to fast travel to Sanctuary but I don’t even see it available as an option.

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Thank you.

I don’t definitely don’t have that option available to me, therefore I don’t believe I’m in TVHM.

Also this might be stupid, but in the last week we got a new patch. Have you downloaded the new update to BL3? Don’t know how that would affect anything, but idk.

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I have updated it yes.

Is there anything Gearbox can do if it is glitched?

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btw what is your current mission? if it is children of the vault, your game progress resets. if not, you just did not unlock fast travel, you need to manually go there via map transitions.

It says

Current Mission is “Hammerlocked”

Playthrough “Vault Hunter”

Playtime “15h 22m”

I don’t understand how could it be this glitched.

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yeah probably glitched, not sure how you can go through sanctuary solo though. you can try splitscreen or online coop to get you through sanctuary, from there you can navigate via the drop pod.

I’m worried inviting a friend would glitch their save file too.

So Gearbox can’t do anything about this huh?

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you can try to submit a ticket and they will look at it and add changes in the hotfix, but that might take a while.

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Try having a friend be at sanctuary, join their game, save quit and reload back into your game.

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I have just submitted a ticket. I appreciate your help.

I can give that a try. Thank you.

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Yeah, try the friend/Sanctuary method.

I think this happened to my brother. If I remember right, we eventually teamed up and just speed completed everything to get back to Sanctuary.

Good luck. Certainly is a pain dealing with that.

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