My Borderlands 3 Review

Over all, the game shows a lot of promise. The animations are good. The world is detailed and colorful. The enemies and characters have personality and are vibrant. There’s a lot of humor, and albeit some corny writing, it’s overall pretty solid.

But there are some things I really dislike about the game as well. For one thing, combat is frustrating. There’s no way to not take damage. I find that I’m forced to spend a lot of my time taking damage then hiding to recharge my shields, which feels cheap. Or I find myself having to find a way to abuse the AI so that it can’t hit me while I peak and chip away at enemies until they’re dead. Or I use a sniper rifle to two-shot many enemies with no threat to myself as they will try to hit me at long range, which is often ineffective for most enemies.

So combat is really the biggest lacking thing for me so far. There should be ways to avoid aimbotting enemies. There should be things that the player can do to stop from taking any damage at all. If you want a good piece of evidence that this is “broken” when compared to what a better experience would be, try to find a video of someone clearing the bosses, “no damage” style.

There aren’t any. Because unless you can find a way to manipulate the AI in a way that’s cheesing it, you can’t not take damage. Half the time even if you’re using the right weapon for the job (that you currently have, that is) and are landing almost all of the right shots, you will still die unless you run and hide periodically to recharge shields, or find some other cheesy way to prevail that doesn’t rely upon skill.

I could list off a hundred games that offer a hard challenge yet when mastered, can be completed without taking damage. That’s the way it should be, and that’s my biggest gripe about Borderlands 3.

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The combat and many of the boss fights is something I really like about this game, though some of the AI could be improved. As for damage, have you ever tried to dodge a bullet? A good game, especially shooters, doesn’t need that ability unless there is time manipulation. Maybe try playing almost any JRPG without taking damage or the 2000-ish Ninja Gaiden.

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1 great thing I can say about Borderlands 3…its a hell of alot better than Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

I’m Out.

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I like the bosses. I like some of their attacks. Good game design in my opinion, is when a boss quickly choreographs an attack in which there’s a way for the player to dodge it. Many of the bosses in this game do this, and many of the attacks are dodgeable, but not all of them are.

And I disagree with you. A good game–ESPECIALLY shooters–require the ability to use skill to not take damage. I can name you a myriad of some of the most popular shooters in which you could beat without taking a single point of damage. And about dodging bullets–neuroscientists actually stipulate that human beings could dodge bullets. We’re simply not wired to do so. Our muscles hold the potential to move quick enough to dodge a bullet, and the pathways in our brain are quick enough to send those impulses to do so. If we could manipulate the human genome, the idea is that it wouldn’t be at all far-fetched to dodge bullets.

And this is a silly argument. Like, a very, very silly argument. People can’t dodge bullets, but I can shoot an unarmored person in the face with 6 rockets and they can survive? I can fall indefinitely and not even sprain an ankle? I can manipulate energy with my bare hands, and the glowy tattoos on my arms? People in the world can spontaneously use fire to walk through doors, walls, or teleport? This is a fantasy sci-fi world here. In this world, dodging bullets would probably be one of the more believable things.

And it doesn’t have to be dogging bullets. It can be a method to self-heal through skill. Every head shot I get could heal me. Maybe I can press a button by cover and shoot over it, greatly limiting the potential for an enemy to be able to hit me. Maybe health spawns spontaneously in large areas filled with enemies. Maybe dead enemies just drop health packs? I could go on and on. There are so many things you could do here that Borderlands 3 just doesn’t do. What the game does do when it comes to combat is, lets doing cheese things prevail, such as sitting in a place where the AI can’t get to you, or will just stand there firing without hope to do any damage while you kill it. It also lets the player just out level encounters. In more than one instance I’ve had a difficult time just to get a few levels and a few higher powered guns and came back to mow everything down in a way that I could basically stand in the open and not hope to die even if I didn’t move.

That’s not good game design, and you can’t convince me that it is. And while the game plays with RPG elements, it just isn’t an RPG. When you’re talking about playing RPGs without taking damage, you’re not comparing the same things. What if I compared a shooter to Chess? Or Baseball? There’s very little to compare.

In an RPG, when my party members take damage, I have items I can use to heal them, and/or it is almost guaranteed that I have a resource (a party member for example that’s a healer) that can alleviate the damage taken.

In any well-designed RPG, the player can win every single combat unquestionably without a single death so long as they play strategically. You can’t even do that in Borderlands 3, because you can turn a corner and lose your shields to enemy fire that is impossible to avoid so long as you’re trying to shoot your targets, forcing you to try to hide to regain your shields, or use some cheese method to win.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt cheated by shooting an enemy, losing my shields, then having to run and hide and wait for them to recharge. I spent 90% of my combat just sniping enemies that can’t fight back because that’s literally one of the most rewarded forms of combat.

And that’s silly.

i go in guns blazing, if i lose my shields i do not run and hide. i kill everything around me to give my shields time to recharge.

Currently playing at TVHM/UM3 and having no problem with this run in and kill strategy.

My gears, guns and skill make it possible.

I’d have to see it to see what you’re doing. You’ll understand if I’m not going to believe the random anonymous poster on the Internet. :slight_smile:

Especially since there are enemies that you could stand in front of and shoot all critical shots and have to reload several times before they die. That means even if you have 100% accuracy, barring sheer enemy dps, they would kill you.

And I suppose if you had the best equipment the game has to offer because you’ve played through it 50 times already and are basically twinking yourself out then I might believe you, but that’s just admitting that your strategy is exactly what frustrates me: You’re cheesing the game.

You might as well enter a cheat code that gives you quad damage or something.

This game has FFYL with infinite repawns at the cost of money and my point was that it is in fact a game and now I would like to say many other things but will refrain. Good luck being you. Goodbye silly thread.

Flak, crit build
Fade to kill badass or higher

Night hawkin
Lucian Call (cryo)
Bounty hunter mod
Reoccurring Hex (Cryo) Used at a minimum i hate grenade spam

Back up weapons
Rowans call (radiation)
Butcher (radiation)
Lucians call (Corrosive)

Case in point. Fast forward to about 11:00, where you see the enemy shoot him in a way that he has no option to avoid, and which forces him to hide. Now imagine there were a few other enemies in a large open area also firing at him in a way he couldn’t avoid. That would have been a death by enemy aimbot.

Then travel to about 15:00 and watch him use a sniper rile most of the time, while running and hiding as he takes damage he can’t avoid. He spends over 2 minutes just running and trying to hide, almost dying twice but being fortunate that two enemies with lower levels of health were in his path to give him a second wind.

By 18:00 he’s still running and hiding and sniping.

I’d be interested to watch more videos of how other players are playing, because what I’m seeing is running, hiding, waiting, and sniping–that seems to be the general strategy.

and, by using maliwan weapons you increase the ttk along with the time you expose yourself you fire

Player fault, not game

Borderlands is my favorite franchise. I love testing my mettle by throwing myself in the middle of an enemy camp and seeing if I can come out alive. Whether Its a struggle that forces cover to cover firefights whilst letting your shields recharge from time to time or picking high ground and thinning the herd first. PLAY YOUR WAY. You want cover based shooters? There’s plenty out there. This game is about mayhem and chaos. Cant get in the mayhem and chaos without taking hits.

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To be entirely fair there were A LOT of complaints that Borderlands 1 and 2 were too hard, people claimed that even Normal and True Vault were way too hard and not fair, etc.

And we can see the results now. BL3 normal and true is cake walk.

I have played BL1, BL2 and BL: TPS entirely too much, like I’ve played them, especially BL2 almost exclusively for the past 5 years. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that couldould be a contributing factor to why I think BL3 is currently scaled way down easy. Hell, for the first time,bit even has an ‘easy mode’ difficulty selection.

I have faith that Gearbox will bring the difficulty to the standard I’m used to(Op8-10) soon enough though.

Anyways, two points I wanted to make:

  1. I think it is totally exceptable to take damage in a game like this. It’s kinda the theme of the game; Vault Hunter’s are tough and take a beating but keep on coming. Also, I was natural a tank player back in my mom days and I really like looking at defensive strategy, damage reduction and ways to avoid damage altogether. In fact, I have. Krieg build in BL2 that is capable of hitting the actual damage reduction cap of 64.7 DR. *Ask for details if interested lol.

I.E. I expect to get hit. But I also like the fact that we are really manueverable now. I like the way boss fight go to. Sometimes you just have to see the pattern and think defensively/evasively. Sometimes there’s not a pattern and you just have to go full aggro.

  1. It’s definitely not cheesing the game to have your character geared out and raising hell. That’s the point of the game, is to keep pushing until you are as badass ad you can be and then push a little harder. "It may be a little cheesy if you just stay in normal mode but it definitely wasn’t back in old OP10. You needed food gear to be on even terms and even then it could be a struggle(op10Digipeak, Murderlins Round 5, most raid bosses).

Gearing out and stomping is kinda the point of looter/shooter. Ya loot(gear) and ya shoot(gear).

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I’ve been hearing this and it’s breaking my heart!

I loooooved the first Ghost Recon soooo much I preordered the 2nd one as early as I could, and I’ve been hearing…not good…things.

Like, give people the OPTION to play it on those difficulty levels, right?

Not gonna lie I personally could barely make it through UVHM without skilled assistance.

EDIT: And if I wasn’t overleveled a lot in BL3 I’d be struggling a lot more!

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Yes sir. Give the option to those who want it.

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