My Borderlands Game is Broken

I guy I made friends with came into my game and broke it. Is there anybody who is currently on or near the General Knoxx mission, Super Marcus Sweep?

The only way I can fix this is if I do it with someone else…

I have Legendaries I could give in return for help. My gamertag is AutobotMirage28.

Thank you for your help. :smile:

I don’t have Xbox, but what kind of bug this is and how are you sure doing it with someone else helps?

A guy skipped a step to a mission in my game, and it locked me out of completing that first step, which prevents completion of the 3rd step. If I join someone who hasn’t done it, and we do the steps in order, it will complete it for me.

Moved you to the 360 online play section. Best of luck, friendo.

Which play-through (1 or 2) and about what level character?

I’m a Level 47 Siren. And I’ve solved this problem.

I do have another to fix now though. I need someone who’s yet to start Playthrough 2 to help me fix something.

If you’ve yet to start Playthrough 2, I could use your help.

Has anyone been able to help you with this problem? My son and I had the same issue happened us that someone went ahead and had a blast door is blocking us from completing the mission.

yeah. i found a person who hadn’t done it and did it with them. :smile:

Your lucky I’m still trying to find someone

I used to help guys fix this issue on the old forums but I’m not sure if I still have the saves as I moved from the old white 360 to the newer black one.
Is it just the last armoury mission you need fixing?
It’s like Christmas.

I could help, I know a way. Add me as an XBOX friends and we can fix it together! :smile:

Thank you very much for your help! I will be home after 330 today p.m. Eastern standard time. What is your gamer tag for Xbox


Wanna play at 5pm?

My GT is Saviorx117

Ill be on at 6.


I found out from my friend that I have to join your game for it to work, not you into my game.