My bug/improvement report list

I have been writing this report while playing HW1 campaign, I am now in the last mission. Please, consider fixing/implementing all but, of course, there are several that have more priority than others.

  • Bentusi voice has too much echo (at least in the first encounter).
  • Organize fighters and corvettes in groups and reduce the cap. Salvage corvettes should be individual though, but its cap reduced (to 8-10) and maybe reduce the number of corvettes you need to salvage ships.
  • Make your own ships (and allies) stop attacking ships that are being captured.
  • Add a master sound control.
  • Cinematics and in game videos don’t obey the sound controls.
  • Salvage order for salvage corvettes is disabled, it only works with direct click. It should be like it was in HW1, like repair order frigates behave with repair.
  • Make the population UI a bit smaller (reduce the space between names and numbers) and make able to see population, queues and events at same time (Q, I, V).
  • Be able to see the stats in the building menu (and maybe a 3D view) like firepower, speed, armor and construction time
  • HUD scales are either too small or too big. 1 is too small and 2 is too big. HUD scale halfway between 1 and 2 probably would be the best. Make a bit bigger icons in the botton/top left. Botton right and center are ok. Panel of the ship (armor, speed, attack) is too big at scale 2.
  • Ship icons in the selection interface arent very look-friendly. Look at HW2 ship icons for improvement.
  • Rows should have 5 ships instead of 4 in the UI to make it easier to count them.
  • More zoom in would be interesting.
  • Add interesting achievements like saving all criogenic transporters in mission 3 (I guess), or capturing the first destroyer you see in game (mission 5 I guess).
  • Salvage corvettes need an effect when they grap something. Kushan resource collectors look very unreal when towing resources. Maybe add a clamp?
  • Kushan resource collectors (maybe taidan too) have reduced speed when towing resources.
  • Display numeric health remaining in healh bar in UI.
  • Reduce volume of units/events speech when storyline characters are talking.
  • There is a bug where after doing zoom to a ship and hear its engines from close view you keep hearing the engines even if you zoom out or select other or whatever you do. Happened with resource collector in garden of kadesh 1 but don’t know how to reproduce.
  • Sphere formation should allow a group of fighters to form a sphere over a guarded unit and move that unit independently. Example: defenders guard a destroyer and stay doing a sphere while destroyer attacks. If y ou select all (defender + destroyer) and select attack they will break the formation. What you want is that defenders keep their place and engage fighters while the destroyer engages capital ships.
  • Gardens of kadesh 1. Countdown is missing.
  • Improve launch manager. Right now it’s a list with one column and its very annoying. Separate it by categories/ships.
  • In campaign new ships tend to be pasive instead of defensive.
  • Indicate how much resources you gain if you retire an unit in the retire button. In the right click menu should be something like this: Retire (1500 RUs).
  • Display hotkeys in the actions of the right click menu.
  • Research ship doesn’t count in the population. I have one and it says “Research ship 0/1”. At least in campaign.
  • In Gardens of kadesh 1 the background music has little jumps.
  • When ordering Drone Frigate to attack something it should automatically use pods when in range. Otherwise using the ability every time is very annoing.
  • When ordering Repair Frigates to repair a group of ships (including themselves) they stop. You have to order them to repair other ships, not themselves to work.
  • Show the unit prices even if you cant build more because you are at pop cap.
  • Multi gun corvette is plain better than heavy corvette. It is supposed to have more firepower but less armor but it has more firepower and more armor.
  • When there are no more resources Resource collectors go to the Resource Controller instead to the mothership.
  • When selecting a lot of ships (fighters, corvettes) there is a lot of lag.
  • In sea of lost souls there are a LOT of assault frigates that will be yours, making the game a lot easier. Reduce the number of ships you get.
  • In mission 10, supernova station, its pretty hard to see the ateroids ways to not get irradiated.
  • Make able to guard a specific group, clicking on the number.
  • Corvettes have a very hard time trying to dock in support frigates in movement.
  • Population counter (I) doesn’t refresh very often.
  • Ships that are in position for hiperspace or recently created should form a wall instead of an endless line. If you have a lot of them they will be very spread.
  • Mission 11, after supernova station, where you help the bentusi. It doesn’t autosave.
  • Same mission, 11, the bentusi ship moves/shakes in a very weird way.
  • Speed up a bit the docking/retiring process of capital ships. It takes a lot. Mainly when the door opens it seems to get stuck there for a while.
  • Kushan ship’s trail looks very bad. The engines are a wide line in the back ship but the trail is line. It should be a line. I think it was in cataclysm where it was like this?
  • Hyperspace button at the end of the missions looks crappy. The button background should be all around the icon too, at least.
  • Guard order for carrier doesn’t work.
  • Junkyard office in karos graveyard was hostile for a while. I could have accidentaly destroyed it with my capital ships. Make it neutral since the start of the mission.
  • Not sure but guard order seems a bit bugged. Ships keeps a lot of distance and are way slow.
  • Consider increasing base speed of the game a bit (), its too slow.
  • When ordering salvage a ship with too many salvage ships, those spare ones should follow the salvaged ship and take the place of one salvage ship if its destroyeD. Just like HW1.

I used the same strategy as playing classic HW1, the salvage fest. Capturing all enemy destroyers and cruisers and still I lost a lot of ships. In the last mission right now I lost in no time though I have to try more. What I want to say is that I think that the game difficulty is adjusted to the salvage fest and i think that this is wrong. Capturing ships should be nerfed and make the difficulty of the game appropriate to this, makiing emphasis in tactics and not in raw attack power. Cataclysm system seems good. If you are at a cap you cant capture more ships. In this case would be interesting that you can capture them but only one more to be able to retire it or retire it directly if you are at pop cap.

BTW as far as I know classic HW2 (not remastered) wont run in modern multicore computers. It ran perfectly in my PIV @2,66 GHz but it was extremely laggy in a Phenom x4 and my current i5. I only managed to play until balcora gate, then was impossible to play.

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I finished it right now. Wiped my entire squad of ion frigates during mission 15 against that rock and some destroyers. However I managed to do it pretty good at the start of mission 16 with a pause giving orders to everybody, doing their job at same time, that felt so good… There are more reports, will start to play HW2 remastered now:

  • There seems to be a bug where captured ships switch colors. Captured some yellow destroyers and a carrier and ones switched to orange, others to black and others have my fleet color.
  • The restart scenario hotkey isnt really needed.
  • There are too many redundant corvettes (light, multigun, heavy). Heavy is just plain better than light. However an antifrigate corvette is missing.
  • Sensors array should have its own cap to 1.
  • Build manager: it usually builds two ships at same time but if there are queue and that queue is at pop cap (cant be built), it wont build the second buildable ship, it will just build one at a time.
  • Mission 16 Hiigara: There are enemy kushan ships (support frigate, attack bomber and a corvette), with enemy painting at the rear left up of the mothership.
  • I repeat myself again. The game is extremely slow. Please increase the base speed of it. It is very notable if you have to travel a bit. I almost died of old age in the last mission. It was very interesting in the battles, but those 30 mins between your location and the enemy wasn’t fun at all. Not to mention comiing back when was at half of the map and then going again.
  • Enemies tend to break formation and its extremely easy to defeat them. For example in mission 16 they come from far, then, the fastest ships come first (figthers), then slower (frigates), then slowest (cruiser), leaving them defenseless against the player.
  • Same with the allies in mission 16, they break formation and charge to the battle, getting slaughtered because they are fastest than my destroyers.
  • There is a bug where if you hit escape or pause while in a cinematic (maybe while it’s starting) the screen will get black.
  • Overall the campaign is pretty short.
  • Maybe a hard mode?
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