My build for Brick

I know this isn’t used much, but I wanted to post my idea of a build, and see what people think. I am looking for critiques and comments, as I am very welcoming to ideas for builds, I’m not really that good at this. The weapons I am using are explosive shotguns and rocket launchers. I am also using a health regen shield, until I get Blood Sport, then I’ll be grabbing a health boost shield. Right now, for a COM, I am using a Bombardier one. I use Berserk when I fall below half health.

A few notes, I go for Endless Rage First, then I work on health and shields, followed by Explosive Damage and Reload speed. Then I wrap up the Tank tree, then Brawler, then Blaster.

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This looks fairly close to the rather rare hybrid Brick builds you can find elsewhere in this section, a few things:
Sting Like A Bee is practically mandatory for using berserk as a major component of your damage output, it’s incredible helpful for sticking to enemies that shooting you as being hit slows your movement slightly.
I would actually consider ditching Short Fuse for this Hybrid build since you plan on using Explosive weaponry and already have Liquidate (which can get Berserk off cooldown faster than Short Fuse if you utilize it well).

I would also ditch Juggernaut as it one of the weaker skills in the Tank tree (despite being a decent all-round skill). I would instead put those points into Die Hard (which is imo, just about mandatory for all Brick builds), and works nicely with the Hybrid build.

Move the points in Rapid Reload into Revenge, early game you might stick with Rapid Reload, but once your weapon proficiencies start to get decently high (they max at 50), you will be getting a large reload speed buff from there, and thus the marginal benefit of the reload speed from Rapid Reload is greatly reduced. Revenge does not affect Rockets, but instead all bullet firing guns (and it’s a VERY powerful skill).

Wide Load is optional depending on how much use you plan to make of Rocket Launchers (if you’re expecting them to be like Borderlands 2 RLs, you will be disappointed, though they are still effective against most enemies). I would max out Liquidate, and move the points from Cast Iron over to Master Blaster (seriously OP fire rate buff on that), and would put the last 3 points into Wide Load (making that the 3/5 skill).

In summary:

I was mostly going to use Rockets for big enemies, and Fight for your life.

Ironically enough, in my experience, rocket launchers are usually somewhat ineffective against large enemies and are decent at best for 2nd winds, where they excel is in dispatching groups of weaker enemies quickly.

Using them as you describe is very effective in BL2 though.

Oh ok, never knew that.

I’m looking at using either a Ogre or a Blast Master mod, which one is best for my build?

Ogre is meant to specialize in Shotguns and thus is, imo, best suited to pure blast-tank builds. That said, the Blast Master works well with hybrid build that I linked a tree for above (it is, however, even better for pure blaster-tank builds). I would, recommend running a mat2 Warmonger (you can tell it’s mat2 if it has the +X% Team Melee Damage effect on the last line), unless you plan on using primarily explosive weapons, in which case the Blaster Master would be ideal. For Warmonger version of the build, I would run Short Fuse instead of Liquidate, and max Wide Load and ditch 2 points from Sting Like A Bee.

Yeah, I’ll be using Explosive Shotguns and Rocket Launchers, so Blaster Master works. Thanks for the help.

One last question, for Shields, if I’m doing your Hybrid build, should I stick with health regen?

Not a bad idea, good alternatives would include Pangolin (for increased capacity), Torgue (for increased maximum health). Always go for maximum capacity parts (Impenetrable prefix) when possible. a 550XC would be the alphanumeric designation for perfect parts (you would also want mat3 which would mean it would say something with an ! at the end in it’s description box).