My Build for Commando

I’m looking for a good shield and mod for my Commando build. I have good shields for everyone else, but not Commando. I also have mods for the girls, just not the guys. I welcome critiques to my build as well. I am using Assault Rifles, Shotgun, a Shock SMG, and a Rocket Launcher. I’m trying to get other people’s input, I’m not going “Follow me, I am the best player” I’m not very good at skill tree building. I am also looking for a good Relic.

I use the Antagonist for my commando but an evolution/neogenator also works well. Really it just comes down to whatever feels good to you.

if it were me, id make these changes to your skill build:
a good shield would be anything with a high capacity. but preferably not a turtle shield. a good mod to use would be the legendary engineer or a purple engineer as a placeholder.

What COM do you plan on using? 1 point in Battlefront and 5 in laser sight and Overload just looks weird.

Unless you plan on using Jakobs ARs, Overload has no chance of beating battlefront. Also, laser sight’s effect doesn’t really do much. Those points would be better spent in Able for the healing. Also, if you can, try to find a place for metal storm.

Ok, so far, after everyone’s input, I took away Laser sight, Healthy, and one point each from Overload(Can’t lower it any more) and Resourceful. I now maxed able, and put Quick Charge and Battlefront to 4. Still unsure for mods however.

I use an Engineer mod since I use my turret for slagging

I prefer to use Legendary Engineer when I either need the shortest possible time without turrets, or when I’m entering an area where I plan to use grenades heavily. My preferred take on Double Up + Gemini is this: which includes 4/5 Grenadier, and I keep a lot of grenade mods in my bag. An example of when I’d use Legendary Engineer is the Black Queens area in Digistruct Peak. I like to draw them into the doorway to the area where you fight Dukino’s Mom, box them into the pass through with turrets, and spam Fire Bee grenades on them. The extra 5 points in Battlefront is great for that.

In areas where I expect to lean on the gun more heavily and see my turrets go down, I go with the Legendary Soldier. An example of this would be facing OMGWTH, where I expect turrets to get smashed, and where I’m using a corrosive Pimpernel pretty heavily. For those situations, the extra reload speed and swap speed (for going to a slag gun, as needed) are very beneficial, and I appreciate the extra passive gun damage and fire rate.

One tip I picked up from these forums regarding a shield for Axton was a Purple tediore Shield, it has no special abilities, except for the fact its recharge speed is higher than it’s capacity, and has about 1.5 Seconds Delay

With the shield building abilities of Axton, 5/5 Willing and recharge delay 10.5% from Badass Ranks, I think it comes out to about 0.44 Seconds delay.

Only thing I haven’t calculated is if the bonus from 8/5 preparation has raised the Capacity above the Recharge Speed.

It truly is awesome to see your shield just rebuild almost instantly, so you start regenerating health again.

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