My build for Hunter

This is what I have for an idea for the Hunter class. Critiques and the like are welcome. I am using revolvers, and a High Cap shield. The link does not work, although it did for Soldier and Berserker.

Gunslinger Tree:
Gun Crazy: 5
Deadly: 5
Predator: 5
Hair Trigger: 5
Relentless: 5

Rouge Tree:
Swift Strike: 5
Out For Blood: 5
Fast Hands: 5
Aerial Impact: 5
Ransack: 5
Bird of Prey: 5

Sniper tree:
Focus: 5
Killer: 5
Loaded: 3

I want to put that Loaded is not used, since I’m using revolvers. I just used it for the last three skill points.

I’d put the points in Loaded into Swipe; it’s not the most useful skill but it’ll still benefit you more than Loaded will. Alternatively you could take Lethal Strike or even Riotous Remedy.

Which COM are you using, btw?

I haven’t really thought about that to be honest. Thanks for the idea for Swipe.

I always felt like a revolver build with an Orion for stacking carrion call to be the most fun gor slaughtering everything

I second his suggestion, I like the rest of your build for a Revolver Mordy. I would recommend the Gunslinger class mod for such a build (it’s his pistol com), though Assassin is a good alternative (and in that case I would recommend 5/5 in lethal Strike if you go w/ Assassin, and I would drop Aerial Impact to 3/5 to get the points for it).

And this is just me, but I find myself preferring a shield with a high recharge rate over high capacity for Mordecai. I love myself a good Anshin Ambush, and Tediore rarely does wrong with a Panacea.

Agree, especially since Mordy has no shield skills. Although high capacity does have its advantages.

edit: also Torgue shields on him are meh since they’re only good for Riotous Remedy which is also generally meh