My build for Siren

This is my build for a Siren, I’m looking for advice and critiques. I use Elemental SMGs, and Health regen shield. I also do not have a set Com. Forgive me for not using a site, for some reason I can’t link the skill calculator for this.

Controller Tree:
Diva: 5
Inner Glow: 5
Dramatic Entrance: 3
Hard To Get: 5
Girl Power: 5

Elemental Tree:
Spark: 5
Quicksilver: 5
Resilence: 5
Phoenix: 5

Assassin Tree:
Silent Resolve: 5
Enforcer: 5
High Velocity: 5
Blackout: 5
Phase Strike: 5

This is close to what I like to run for DPS on Lilith. Only things I would change are:

3/5 from Dramatic Entrance to Mind Games (w/ high fire rate of SMGs you will easily Daze problem enemies while DPSing them down). Also means your Dazing ability is now independent of using Phasewalk (which although it has a fairly short cooldown, still isn’t up all the damn time).

Move 5 points from Phase Strike to Intuition (middle tree). Reasoning is thus: Phase Strike isn’t as powerful as it looks, you only get 1 melee attack per Phasewalk max, so although it does do appreciable damage, it’s not something you can really use constantly, putting these points into Intuition will help you move about the battlefield quickly (which is more valuable than it sounds, and it suites her close-and-dangerous playstyle).

I’m fine with the set up I have, I’m now mostly just looking to see which one is better, Firefly or Mercenary Coms, I’m going to have three SMGs, one for each element, and one Shotgun.