My build: Is it crap?

I usually play as either Sal or Krieg and have only recent been able to get the other characters in tip-top shape thanks to help from a good friend of mine. I’m about to get my hands dirty with Axton in UVHM and before I dive in, I want to share the build I made for him along with some of the gear to see if you guys see something that I don’t. I spent quite some time going over the DDD guide for him along with the Top Gear but it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Skill tree:

1st weapon: Nasty Ogre/Nasty Seeker/Attack Veruc/Attack Scorpio
2nd weapon: Derp Tunguska/Puissant Norfleet
3rd weapon: DPUH/Neutralizing Hornet/Consummate Florentine/Flying Sandhawk/Flying Emperor
4th weapon: Casual Ravager/Casual Carnage/Casual Flakker

Shield: Evolution/Antagonist/Sham/Blockade/Bee
Relic: Skin of the Ancients (shield capacity, shock/fire/acid resist)
Grenade: Magic Missile/Longbow Bouncing Bonny/Fastball
COM: Legendary Soldier

This guy’s more of a general use for standard mobbing and maybe some raiding at level 72, any suggestions are welcome!

Given that you’re using some of the strongest gear in the game, you could probably run with a very lousy build and still be alright. That said, the build looks fine to me.

All in all, it’s similar to my own. It looks alright. With that build and gear, I doubt you’d have much trouble, if any. The only thing I’d do differently is taking that one point away from healthy and putting it somewhere else, but it’s a minor detail. Even when boosted by the Leg. Soldier, Healthy really isn’t all that useful. Also, I wouldn’t put any points into Grenadier unless you rely heavily on grenades. At level 72 with a Double Up/Gemini build and the type of weaponry you’re carrying, you really don’t need to use slag grenades on Axton. The slag from the turrets should be enough. So unless you rely heavily on your Fastballs for killing enemies, I feel that higher grenade damage would be more useful than just carrying four more grenades on you.

This is the build I use on my Axton, with a Leg. Soldier as well and not a lot of focus on grenades:

The build looks to be good enough for what UVHM will send your way.

As for gear, I would recommend a Casual SWORDSPLOSION!!! over the Casual Carnage because the former benefits from grenade damage boosts, while the latter doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that the Carnage isn’t good by any means, but yeah, the SWORDSPLOSION!!! is quite possibly the best explosive shotgun in the game (in my humble opinion).

The Badaboom is another great piece of gear that would be a good fit. In terms of damage, it would probably fit right in the middle between the Tunguska and the Norfleet. I love how it does a great job in conserving rocket ammo, and it just has a lot of “bang” for your buck.

Because there are so many weapons Axton can use really well, it’s hard for me to only recommend a few and to not jam up the boards with a lengthy post, but one last thing I saw was that you’re going to be using a Skin of the Ancients relic. Instead of using that, I would go for the Bone of the Ancients relics to bump up your damage. The cooldown rate on these relics is really nice for the turret as well.