My certain enemies rant

First of all I really love this game and out a lot of time in it and even though i know this game so much there are still some enemies that annoy me so much
So I want to talk with you about my most hated one
MX Ronin
I know there had to be an assassin type of enemy but these annoy me for several reasons

  • High damage
  • knockback and slow
  • huge ass shield
  • have strong melee and range attacks
  • and for me it seems like they are focusing supporter

So I wanted your opinion on these swordwielding *****
and tell me who is your most hated


Lol those guys can sure mess up your party.

That exploding elite bot on the Algorithm bridge. Always manages to get me at least once.


Some design choices in this game are very baffling. The MX Ronin are definitely one of those questionable choices. (As well as the insta-killing grenade spam MX Bots do)


I also hate these grenade shots of them (dealing casually 1.5k damage >_<)

Got used to these explodings pretty fast but I don´t like the reflect effect of them while doing so ._.

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Snipers would be my number 1 simply because of how frustrating it is when they are out of my range but still shooting at me ex. Melee or Alani (even with range helix she can’t hit them)

MX Ronin are second

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Some snipers are just in annoying locations :confused:
in the thrall rebellion if you get the kill the 5 deadeyes quest there is one who will never move down from a house and he can´t be killed by el dragon since he has not enough range. Attikus can atleast pounce on it but el dragon gets trolled really hard by them

There is a way to get to all the snipers. As Alani I pretend I’m a melee and chase them all down (otherwise they are out of range). Which one is it that you don’t know how to get to?

when you get into the house area at the cliff the second house on top (bad at explaining locations :wink: )

I hear there are actually stairs to do that but wouldn’t know how. I’d ask @wisecarver. And welcome to the forums! I usually play solo pve so nothing really gets to me… more than those stupid guardians! With the chest plates and all. Makes hitting from range with Mellka a nightmare

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I used to feel the same with ronins, if your battleborn has some shield p helix take it and use some shield p gear.

They have extremly low hp and are easy to predict.

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I already know how to deal with them but yet they still annoy me with everything they have XD

Crap I haven’t played in a while now and can’t remember exactly how to get there. I’ll try to actually play the game later and let ya know

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sent a screenshot so i know where ( and don´t use any movement typed abilities since i want a way that doesn´t depends on character) please ;D

Ah, Ronin…good times back with 5-man Algorithm. The game generating 6-7 random Ronin at once…traveling in packs of 3+…good times.

My most hated has to be the MX Elite Bots. I remember one dealing over 4k Damage to my Kelvin on the Algorithm, I was not a happy ice monster thing.

2nd has to be MX BOOM BOTS…mainly due to the DLC OPs missions having VERY annoying side objectives dealing with boom bots that I so happen to fail sometimes OR when a side objective involves killing a Ronin with Melee/skills and they casually come out of nowhere and blow up the Ronin causing you to fail the mission…Seriously, ■■■■ those guys.


…Yes Dragon can get to all of the Ronin and snipers when they jump around on the Attikus dlc.
I’ve done it many times as him, he is fast enough to surprise them if done right.

First of all, the Ronin will group and follow you instead of jumping up.

  1. After killing the first 3 thrall that greet you continue straight then turn right.
  2. Walk down hill toward the area that leads to the outer area.
  3. Just get the attention of one Ronin and the others will come.

When they jump up, or when there are Snipers, use the very first jump pad where the thrall greeting was.
When you get to the top you will see two jump pads. The one of the right goes to the highest point right.
The one on the left gets to the first roof and from there you can get to the other jump pads.

Brutes are annoying af when playing melee. Just aim at the feets and hope you get lucky.

Lots of people I meet hate boombots, but they don’t seem to realize that if you knock them back with your off hand melee, they fly waaaaay back and explode when they land. It’s great xD

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After the first jump pad land on the roof and look to your right. These jump pads should get you there.


I use boombots to kill waves, is easy and op.

If my character has troubles with ronins i avoid them untill lvl 2-3 and get back to finish the job

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it once didn´t work for me for some reason So i just tried it and it worked (i´m dumb XD)

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