My character got swallowed by the cloud

I didn’t start playing until this weekend. I was at my parents’ house, and I started a new game on my father’s beastly machine with “Enable Cloud Save” toggled on in the Epic launcher. I played for a very long time. Then when I went home, I logged into the Epic launcher on my machine, and launched Borderlands 3, with “Enable Cloud Save” toggled on. My character was not there. I did NOT make a new character. I exited the game. At this point, the Epic launcher must’ve synced me not having any character in the cloud, because when I went back to the original PC my character was already gone. The local 1.sav file was deleted.

I know I only lost one gaming session worth of progress, but I am a busy adult with a full-time job and I hardly have time to game as it is. It’s very odd that I get a full day to spend on a video game, and I had to move heaven & earth to get a day in for the Borderlands 3 launch. It’s probably gonna take me a week of casually playing to get back where I was. At this point, I’m not even going to make a new character until either Gearbox or Epic can confirm that there was an issue and it’s been fixed, as I don’t want this to happen again.