My character is gone ! plz Help

My character is gone for some reason. One day I just play a games and quit. When I came back I found that my character was gone ;-; plz fix this I almost finish the story now. I don’t want to go back and restart everything. This is one of my favorite game please don’t make me feel disappointed.

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What platform are you playing on - PC, PS4, XB1? And did you have just the one character?

I’d write a support ticket. I’m not sure you’ll reach the level of compensation you’d want but they may give you some golden keys. How long since you last logged on till now? I heard in the beginning some characters were being wiped due to a bug. if it’s been a couple weeks since you’ve last played it could have been during that time. As far as I know those issues are resolved though

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pc platform

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Moved you to the right spot. There’s a few threads here with similar problems and potential solutions depending on why your save disappeared. I noted some of the things you can try here:

Link to the support desk is in the sticky post at the top of this section, and they may be able to provide additional assistance.