My character is hacked plz help

So I joined a circle of slaughter and everything was hacked, my weapons had infinite ammo, legendaries were dropping left and right . When I left I had gained 11 skill points and a ton of Guardian Tokens.

Is there a way to set everything back to normal so that Im not cheating?

I have not heard of anyone being able to reverse this yet personally. The best thing to do if you don’t want to cheat is just use 48 skill points and only put a guardian token in each time you rank up from now on.

At least doing that you won’t be getting any actual affect from the cheats buddy.

I heard a suggestion from a similar post.
I’m not 100% sure if it works the original poster never replied back.
Try respecking your character and don’t put any skill points into anythig. Exit out and completely shut down your game.
Restart the game and reload your character and your skill points should reset them to the concert level.
Again I’m not 100% sure it works, but if it does PLEASE confirm it did with another post or a post that this is not a working quick fix.
Good luck guy hopefully it works for you.

Guardian rank are hardly reversible, but skill point and the such might. You ought to open a ticket, they will fix it down the line I guess.

Sadly hackers and dupers have always been an issue in this series.

I remember way back on BL1, I joined a Crawmerax game and one dude was dropping like 30 Ironclad shields for everyone.

Restore your backup save if you have recent one.

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this is why I dont play with people anymore

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My advice? Just play like that. Itll make the game way more fun lol