My character keeps moving right

My character (Zane) keeps slowly moving to the right. When I look down at his feet they are not walking but are just slowly sliding to the right. This happens on keyboard or controller. Walking to the left does not stop it. There is nothing wrong with my hardware. I have many FPS games including all the BL games and it does not happen on any of them.

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I’m the same. I’m on xbox one and I just bought the controller and it slowly moves right. Kinda annoying

I have the same issue. My character (Zane) keeps slowing strafing to the right. After running, walking or just touching the joystick a little bit, he keeps moving to the right. It’s annoying. Xbox one X user here.

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Yeah same issue with Zane as well? On One X also.

Thank god i really thought it was my controller even though this is the only game it does it on…its a bit annoying though

I have the same issue, and I’m playing as Fl4k, so it’s not just Zane.

I have this issue as well playing as Moze. I dont think its related to the character. Also xbox 1 x

FL4K, PC, Xbox360 controller.

There is a setting under the controller setting (second tab I think) for altering the “deadzone”. Move it up by one or more to fix the problem. The deadzone is the area on a stick the the game considers centered or not moving.


I am having the same problem. Also using Zane

Dude thanks I’ll have to try that when I get off work.

Did this work?

I set my minimum deadzone to 1.5, that is what is working for me

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Dude thank you!

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That deadzone trick worked I was getting worried my controller was broken. I had to set mine to 1.8 so just tweak with it till it works