My Character keeps sliding left since release

As the title says even after the October 3 patch 1.03 all my characters slowly slide to the left.
Im not sure why or if this is happening to anyone else but im pretty sure its not my controller. Ive played multiple other games with no problems. Any help?

Even if you think its not your controller its best to double check. Different games have different dead zones so try increasing it in game see if it still happens.

Yeah i noticed myself when i first started i was moving left without trying enough i would miss the jump to enter the gunner seat. Also to the point pressing the left analog stick was causing things to move oddly. So i got a new controller no issue. And you didn’t hear this from me but if you keep your controller in fairly pristine condition go buy a new one at walmart then take the old back tell em it’s broken get your money back. Free lifetime warranty replacement. :wink: